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Top 10 Benefits of B2B eCommerce Website

In recent years, online B2B (business-to-business) has gained momentum and increased digital expectations. A Shopify study claims that by 2023, B2B eCommerce sales will be valued at $1.8 trillion, 17% of which will come from the Internet. As B2B develops, consumers are also moving from traditional channels to more modern ones. Companies are obliged to meet this criterion in order to successfully meet their expectations.

B2B eCommerce is something that cannot be ignored, and it will become more popular in the coming years. According to research, the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the buying and selling experience. Now, consumers are leaning in and looking for a personalized and segmented process. Most of the companies are developing websites, and the figure stands at 51%.

So, if you want to boost your business in terms of traffic and sales, one inclusive way is to build a website. Investing in website development is a long process, but it comes with its supremacy. B2B eCommerce shows no signs of slowing down.

Today, B2B sales continue to grow at an extraordinary rate and streamline the buying and selling process. As the dynamics have changed, many manufacturers and suppliers are concerned. Therefore, the best way to deal with it is to create a B2B eCommerce website. So, read on!

eCommerce Total B2B Sales in The USA From 2019 To 2023
eCommerce Total B2B Sales in The USA From 2019 To 2023
Source: Statista

Top 10 Benefits of eCommerce Website 

It is necessary to proceed with an updated eCommerce system, as more and more people rely on online shopping. Therefore, to stay on top of the eCommerce market is why you need to understand the importance of having a good website.

1. Efficiency & Sustainability in eCommerce 

It is the era of millennials and Generation Z, they are the main protagonists of B2B sales and purchases. Make sure you have the tactics to cater to them. Gaining the trust and loyalty of consumers is a necessary aspect and requires continuing to transform and prepare for more robust future solutions. 

E-commerce companies can also attract more traffic by applying sustainable practices for an environmentally friendly process, an issue of great concern to the two generations mentioned above. Costs and environmental effects can be reduced by reducing packaging and using more logistics data. This optimizes shipping and also helps the environment. So, if you want to impress consumers with a sustainable business, this is your chance!

2. A Unified Customer and Product Data 

In a B2B eCommerce system integrated with ERP (enterprise resource planning), the software allows to host all customer data in one place. Having a website requires a properly integrated ERP system in order not to work for nothing.  

Aligning data with performance is necessary to implement ERP functionality in commerce. Now, eCommerce companies have an incredible opportunity to gain visibility for customers and automate data workflows on their websites if they enable it on their eCommerce platforms.  

ERP software helps online businesses manage and automate business processes for conflict-free performance. Here are three ways to justify the benefits of ERP in an enterprise.

  • ERP uses AI, so it gives you access to look at insights. Once you have a good understanding of the information, this helps you make decisions and find ways to improve business operations. 
  • Secondly, ERP helps employees process data with ease and helps them get clearer on things. It can also help them take better actions and disseminate them through their website. 
  • Thirdly, they also help to keep an eye on market changes and build solutions accordingly.

3. An Omni-Channel Experience

A B2B eCommerce website offers the advantage of multisite capability. One of the main things you should provide to your B2B eCommerce platform is the omnichannel option. Now, consumers are in the habit of moving from one device to another and browsing different platforms at home from PC, on public transport from mobile or a tablet…. Browsing helps them search and find products. 

Omni-channel has proved to be revolutionary in digital marketing. It is necessary when it comes to understanding customer needs and offering them products based on their choice and where they are. It also helps in conveying the message across different platforms, which is interesting, as sometimes messages do not reach the target audience. Therefore, omnichannel marketing aligns the message to reach them and influence the buyer’s journey.

4. Fewer Costs in Marketing 

One advantage that can be of interest to all eCommerce companies is cost reduction. Typically, companies spend millions on marketing, which is a big risk. It is true that Google has increased prices for paid search, but now marketing can be tailored to your business and your needs. 

So what should you do? Now B2B eCommerce websites give you the opportunity to market, resellers are a great way to help any business promote a B2B platform. They can help you appear in the storefronts of multiple retail outlets. Plus, your customers also promote you by making business referrals and reviews in public forums. Also, have you tried asking consumers for reviews? You should ask them for a review after every business transaction.

5. Increased Engagement with Consumers  

Online B2B platforms such as eWorldTrade, for example, offer exceptional sales service. Consumers are also looking for an amazing, seamless experience, and a physical B2B team may not deliver complete results, but an online site does. It offers a well-ordered system of pricing, orders, carts, delivery times and history. 

Second, a B2B eCommerce website also manages order tracking and inventory. Therefore, if you have synchronized data and an updated strategy across all channels, you can send customers that updated data. We must include and obey these rules for maximum effectiveness. So, to improve engagement, follow them!

6. Flexibility In Shopping for Consumers 

A physical store cannot operate all day long. In the same way, an online B2B website operates 24 hours a day. This is one of the most important advantages. Consumers can come to the store at any time and from anywhere in the world. So, would you like to get a lot of traffic to your website? Well, investing in eCommerce Ads campaigns is also very important.

You can also serve them with customer service representatives, which will work as an added value to your website. Shoppers may take this as a further contribution to their trust and, consequently, place more orders after some inquiry. On the other hand, this can help sellers and manufacturers see your website as a profitable platform knowing that it has more consumers.

7. A Well Manages Stock System 

It’s another amazing way to move up in the B2B arena. As soon as an order is entered into the system, the ERP updates it. Fortunately, inventory is also updated, and vice versa. When this happens, you have a managed and up-to-date B2B system. This process also helps automate your business and your team will be able to focus on more productive and important things. 

In addition, the stock system is updated and synchronized with accurate information. In this way, the data collected helps companies manage new orders. This system helps to automate orders and manage stock whenever it is reduced.

8. Provides Active Personalization 

It is vital to create a unique personal relationship with your customers. Be sure to practice as much as you can. A website can react based on consumer data, as well as based on consumer history data and patterns. Personalized behavior also includes location, language and behavior. 

If you’re not sure how personalization takes place, here’s what you can do. 

  • Make a group of customers: segmentation helps to identify similar needs of some customers and serve them accordingly. 
  • When a website establishes a stronger connection with consumers, personalization can help you learn about their past experiences and make better decisions. 
  • A separate section of recommended products or services can be added to your website’s storefront to help them get closer to their desired needs.

9. Higher Volume of Purchasing

Another important benefit of creating a B2B website is the increased volume of purchases. This is by far the biggest benefit of a B2B eCommerce platform. If you get a good website with good features and target the market well, you can witness a vast increase in sales.

To create a good website, it needs to be well designed and have user-friendly and attractive features. You need to integrate useful features and functions that make it easy for consumers to use. The key is to use the right tools and master the website development process. Did you know? 93.5% of consumers buy products online.

10. An All-Rounder Secured Process

Lastly, websites are usually a safe option to shop. You may think that creating a website may result in leaking customer data. But no! a website is a secured platform. Remember to have a secured URL that starts with “https” rather than “http”. This indicates that the website is safe to use and is under a secure socket layer (SSL). Having a certificate ensures it is encrypted as it passes from a browser to the server. 

The Key Takeaway 

A B2B eCommerce website has become essential to move in the marketplace. Most sales and revenues are generated through the web. The main reason remains the viability of buying, selling and its availability at all times. 

You can’t measure the power of creating a B2B website, it shows in the results. If you want to create a B2B eCommerce website, it is not as difficult as you may think. You just have to stick to the process and… get started!

Extra tip: have you taken a look at the PMAX campaigns conducted by Google and Microsoft? They’re truly noteworthy and shouldn’t be missed!



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  1. I absolutely agree with you here! B2B platforms are advanced IT systems that play a crucial role in supporting the entire B2B sales process. They go beyond merely facilitating transactions, allowing for the optimization of processes and automation of repetitive tasks, thereby enhancing sales operations. The ability to eliminate the risk of errors, often associated with manual order processing, is also a significant advantage. That is why those are the keys if one yearns to streamline sales activities and contribute to a more efficient and error-free business environment.

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