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Best Chrome Extensions for your Business! – Updated 2022

Chrome is the most popular browser by far, with about 63% of web surfers using chrome. Odds are, you are probably using Chrome right now to read this! An appealing aspect of Chrome is it’s many different extensions. While some are paid, there are fantastic free extensions out there too, and I will be sharing some of my favorites with you. 

cloudy calculator best chrome extensionsCloudy Calculator

If quick math is not your thing, this extension will be so helpful for you! Cloudy Calculator is linked to Google’s search engine and will solve any math problem for you instantly. It can even complete more advanced mathematical functions, unit conversion, and currency conversion.

adswerve best chrome extensionsAdswerve – dataLayer Inspector

This extension is for any Digital Analysts out there. Adswerve allows you to easily monitor dataLayer in real time and see Google Analytics hits as they occur. Information like this is super helpful in evaluating different push formats, particularly events and eCommerce 

GTM GA DebugGTM/GA Debugger

Debugging is super important, and this extension will help you do so with ease. GTM/GA Debugger allows you to debug Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics implementations. Aside from debugging, it will also allow you to view current hits, like impressions, clicks, and so on. 

clever ads kw planner best chrome extensionsClever Ads Keyword Planner

Keyword planning is a must nowadays, and with the Clever Ads Keyword Planner Clever Ads Chrome Extension, it is easier than ever to complete. Whether you are working with a preexisting list that you want to improve or starting from scratch, the keyword planner will help you find new ideas. By doing so, you will be able to improve the results of your Google Ads, leading to more business and site clicks. 

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google tag assistantTag Manager Assistant (by Google) 

If you work with Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager, this is a fantastic extension to install. Tag Manager Assistant will help you troubleshoot different Google Tags by showing which tags are present, reporting any errors, and providing suggestions to improve the implementation. There’s an additional tool, the Google Tag Assistant Recording, that allows you to quickly validate, diagnose and troubleshoot any big issues with implementation. 

lastpassLastPass: Free Password Manager 

Keeping track of all of your passwords can be a real challenge, but this extension will help you remember them all, but in a very secure way. By inputting your passwords into LastPass, you can also save yourself time because it will autofill all your passwords as you open different sites. My favorite feature is that it will flag any weak or reused passwords and provide suggestions on improving them, making your accounts more secure than ever! 

redirect pathRedirect Path

This extension helps with HTTP Headers, but also serves as a Redirect Path Checker for SEO. It will flag various HTTP Status Codes and client side redirects, like Meta and Javascript, to help you pick up on potential issues that may have otherwise gone unrecognized. 


Grammarly for Chrome is a pretty well known tool, but what you might not know is that they have a fantastic Chrome extension. Proper grammar is key, whether you are writing copy, sending emails or even just responding to a DM, and Grammarly makes sure that anything you write is as great as it can be. With this extension, you can get real time feedback as you write anything in your Chrome browser. Aside from grammar extensions, it will also provide you with suggestions to change words which you have repeated to help improve the overall quality of your writing. 


Sometimes, you might be faced with what I like to call, “ugly links.” They work fine, but they are so long with a random combination of letters and symbols, that they are impossible to successfully repeat to anyone, which is why the Bitly extension is great. Bitly allows you to create short and customized links from any page. Best of all, it will automatically save to your clipboard and will be ready for you to easily paste into a message or document. 


Managing all of your different tasks in a digital world is not always easy, but Todoist for Chrome helps you keep track of it all. Whether it’s planning your day or keeping track of different websites you want to revisit, you can create many different lists to keep everything organized. It also integrates with other tools, like Slack and Google Drive, so you can directly link tasks to wherever you need to complete them. 

RSS readerRSS Reader Extension

Keeping up with your favorite blogs, podcasts and social media pages can be a bit overwhelming, but this extension lets you put all of your favorites in one place! You can subscribe to your favorites directly in the extension and never miss a new piece of content again. RSS Reader Extension will create a stack of your unread articles, so you can easily find your next read and not feel rushed to read something right when it’s posted just so you do not lose track of it. The view of your page is also very customizable to make sure it fits with your aesthetic. 

google translateGoogle Translate

While it’s easy to open up a new tab and Google the meaning of something, why not make your life even easier with the Translate extension? By right clicking on any section of a text, you can easily view a translation to your language of choice. The extension can even translate a whole page at once, enabling you to understand content from anywhere in the world. 

zoomZoom Scheduler

As work from home continues to be a key part of our lives, many of us rely heavily on Zoom Scheduler to meet with colleagues and this extension makes it a bit easier to create and join meetings. By adding the Zoom Scheduler to your browser, you can schedule meetings directly from Google Calendar, letting you keep track of all of your schedule all in one place. 


If you find yourself spending too much time on certain sites, this extension is fantastic for helping you better manage your time. With StayFocusd, you can set time limits on sites you deem as a risk for wasting your time, and once you reach your time limit, the extension will block your ability to access that site for the rest of the day. No more aimlessly scrolling through Twitter when you really should be working on that report for your boss! 

So, that’s it!

This is in no way a comprehensive list of all the great Chrome extensions out there, but they are some of my personal favorites! Anything that can help brighten my day or make things run more smoothly is a great extension in my book. I’d love to hear what extensions you find to be the most helpful, so feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me directly to chat about them. 

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