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How to Redeem your Google Ads Coupon Code? Complete Guide

If you belong to the world of online sales, whether you are a retailer or a large supplier, you will have heard on multiple occasions of the famous “Google Ads Coupon”. You can find these coupons in several different websites and additionally, you’ll see that Google dedicates several support pages to explain what the promotional code is and how this code works for your ad campaigns. Despite the wide range of information, what happens with Google in 99% of cases, is that there is so much information, oftentimes people end up lost and overwhelmed.

Today we come to you with a simple guide to Google Ads coupons. We will explain in just a few words, what the promo code is, how to use it, and where you can turn to if you find yourself having problems accessing your code.

What is the Google Ads Coupon Code

This Google Ads promotional code, also called a coupon or credit for your campaigns, is, effectively and as the name itself indicates, a monetary credit that you can use in your Google Ads advertiser account, as long as you comply with the requirements established by Google.

There are also more general requirements to take into consideration:

  • 90% of Google promotional codes must be used within 14 days of account creation.
  • Google will not accept or replace an expired promo code.
  • Depending on the payment configuration (such as manual or automatic payment), the promotional code will work differently.
  • As we’ve mentioned, the terms and conditions vary depending on the country or the details of the promotional code.

How to use these Google Ads Coupons

Where will you find these promotions? They are distributed online by Google and its partners. For example, Clever Ads, being a Premier Google Partner, offers a Google Ads promo code of up to $500 that you can apply for free and automatically to your campaigns.

Before you start…

As we’ve mentioned previously, the promotional code will vary depending on the payment method you use for your Google Ads account.

You also have the option to set up a “monthly billing”. To do this and still receive the code, you first must configure this type of billing before entering the code. If the billing method is not configured prior to entering the code, the offer will be canceled and you will lose the amount of the promotion when you change the billing type.

Where to enter the promotional code?

  1. Log in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Click on the wrench icon and, in the “Billing” section, select Promotions.
  3. Click on the blue button with the plus sign.
  4. Enter your promotional code.
  5. Click Save.

Check your Google Ads Coupon progress

Checking the progress, spending, etc., of your Google Ads advertising promotions is simple. You just have to access the promotions page of your account, which is updated throughout the day and allows you to check your progress, the status of your credits, and your expired and completed promotions… How do you access this promotions page within your Google Ads account?

  1. Log in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Click on the wrench icon, and in the “Billing” section, select Promotions.
  3. On this page you will see all the information about your promotions, with their corresponding amounts and status.

What are the possible statuses of my Google Ads Coupon?

In the promotions page of your account, as we’ve previously mentioned, you will see the status of all the promotions you have. How do you interpret the different status that Google displays? We’ll explain them to you:

  • Active promotion: you have been granted the reward associated with the coupon.
  • Redeemed promotion: you have already obtained your coupon and it has been redeemed, but you still do not meet all the spending requirements (for example, if it is a “Spend $25 and get $50” coupon).
  • Promotion in “processing” status: you will be in this step if you have already met these spending requirements, and therefore Google’s system is processing your reward.
  • Expired promotion: the coupon has expired before you’ve fulfilled the spending requirements.
  • Invalidated promotion: coupon is invalid or has been voided.

Clever Ads Google Ads Coupon: redeem up to $500 for your campaigns 

At Clever Ads we offer a free promotional code for you to start advertising on Google Ads, that will be automatically applied to your account by us. This code can be worth up to $500! Plus, if you use our Google Ads Creator, your campaigns will be created automatically by experts. We’ll take care of everything for you!

  1. Join Clever: give us permission to access your account so we can activate your Google Ads promo code automatically. You won’t need to enter it manually.
  2. Wait: make sure you meet Google’s requirements for your Google Ads promo code to be activated. Then wait a few days for it to activate.
  3. That’s it! Take advantage of your Google Ads promo code as soon as possible!

Where to turn to if you have problems with a Google Ads promo code

We hope this step-by-step guide on how to claim your promotional code helps you, but we understand that sometimes things go wrong, especially when it comes to new technologies and the Internet. If after all this you are still having problems with your promotional codes, you can check out Google’s support page that covers issues related to promotional codes.

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