bigcommerce vs magento

BigCommerce vs Magento

Picking the right online store platform is essential. Choosing an eCommerce platform that doesn’t fit your business could be the end of it before even starting. You should choose your platform wisely and how to leverage it for offering your customers the experience they demand. That’s why today we will evaluate BigCommerce vs Magento in terms of performance, management, and usability.

1/ UX: Wiche one is easier to manage?

If you don’t have experience in programming, and coding sounds like Chinese to you, forget about Magento. Magento is a hosted, on-premise software, which means it needs to be installed in your computer and on servers to run. But BigCommerce is cloud-based, which mean it takes care of the hosting for you and merchants all around the world can have access to it through the Internet.

2/ Development: you won’t need in-house developers or to hire an agency.

For designing, optimizing, maintaining and making changes in your store, you would need to hire developers, which is costly and would make you dependent on others for managing your store. BigCommerce, on the other hand, takes care of setting up your web store, provides you with pre-built and customizable BigCommerce themes.

It also offers you features like product reviews and a lot of apps in their own marketplace that will help you with shipping, marketing, inventory, advertising, etc. You can also check the best and better-converting BigCommerce Apps! And the most important, the fewer people having access to your store, the more secure it will be.

3/ Maintenance? What’s that?

With BigCommerce you forget about maintenance, they update your software automatically. If there’s any problem, their team fixes the issue. Also, they offer SLA’s to ensure trust with their merchants.

On the other hand, if you use Magento and your site goes down, you should fix the problem yourself which means a lot of responsibility.

4/ Plugins & apps

Both platforms have an extensive app marketplace for customizing their store. Magento’s installation process is more traditional, and you will need to maintain and upgrade those extensions by yourself when needed. BigCommerce users enjoy a simpler and faster install process and won’t need to maintain it.

5/ Launch your store as faster as you can

The go-to-market time is much, much lower when using BigCommerce. As everything is pre-built, merchants have it easier and faster to launch their store. When choosing Magento, you have to take care of hosting, security, design and everything else.

6/ Which has the cheaper pricing structure?

BigCommerce vs Magento in “money talking” is easy. BigCommerce is less costly, in some cases is 75% cheaper than Magento. There are a lot of fees you won’t have to pay like licensing fees, hosting provider fees, web developer or agency partner fees, software updates, security costs, etc.

7/ Ideal BigCommerce merchant

Fast growingStill not sure what’s the best solution for you? Check out a profile of an “ideal” BigCommerce merchant.

  • Small budget
  • Need for scalability and flexibility
  • Looking for a quick go-to-live time
  • Limited or none IT team

Check also our comparison BigCommerce vs Shopify, as well as downloading our eCommerce Ads app for any of the mentioned platforms. By the way, you already know the PMAX campaigns of Google and Microsoft? you can’t miss them!

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