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Microsoft Ads Promo Code: Claim your $75 Credit

Looking for a Microsoft Ads promo code? Redeem your $75 credit and grow your business by reaching the right audiences on Microsoft Bing Network.

Not sure about advertising in Microsoft? Take advantage of our promotional code and start advertising with the guarantee of an Elite Microsoft Partner. Stay ahead of your competitors and conquer the platform!

Today we’ll learn the reasons why you should advertise with Microsoft, the conditions to get the credit, how to set it up, and finally, some tips to optimize your performance!

Boost Traffic with Microsoft Advertising 

Advertising in Google Ads is not enough! Microsoft Ads, formerly known as Bing Ads, has many opportunities to offer your business. Confused by the differences between Bing Ads & Google Ads? Before we tell you why you should consider Microsoft Ads, visit our Bing Ads vs Google Ads blogpost. 

🚀Microsoft Bing gets more than 1 billion visits daily. No doubt! Your potential customers are here, so find your target audience by using the right keywords.

🚀 If your Google Ads campaigns are all set up, most of the work is done! Import campaigns easily and directly from Google Ads. Follow these steps!

🚀Reach your potential customers on the Microsoft Search Network. You can target your audience by filtering the countries, regions and areas of your interest. 

Use Clever Ads Promo Code to test different campaign types

First time using Microsoft Ads? Start advertising with a $75 Microsoft Ads Promo code which allows you to try Microsoft Ads campaigns at a lower cost. After the trial period, you can evaluate which ones perform better and make a decision. 

➡️Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Create a Microsoft Ads SEM strategy that lets you appear at the top of Search Engine Result Page (SERP). When people search for your products or services, they will enter search terms/keywords in Microsoft Bing search engine. 

➡️Native Ads & Display advertising : Your ads will be placed not only across Microsoft Ads network, but also in their partners sites, such as, CBS Sports, Fox Business, MSN, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Bing, Xbox, and Yahoo.

Pay attention to Microsoft Ads Promo Code Requirements

✅ You are a new Microsoft Advertising customer. Previously, you did not have an account with Microsoft Advertising.

One promotional offer per new Microsoft Advertising customer.

✅Once the customer completes setting up their new Microsoft Advertising account and spends at least $25 on advertising (excluding taxes), they will automatically receive a promotional credit of $75.

✅Your promotional credit amount may change if a Microsoft Advertising account is set up in a currency other than the promotional credit currency.

The credit will expire if not used within 90 days after it is activated, even if the Microsoft Advertising customer changes payment methods. 

See Microsoft Advertising terms and conditions for more information during registration.

How to activate your promo code 

Set up your Microsoft Ads promo code in a blink of an eye. Easy and fast!

  1. Connect your Microsoft Advertising account to Clever Ads. When using promotional codes, REMEMBER! You should only trust Elite Microsoft Partners like Clever Ads! 
  2. Once it is activated, it might take a few days for the ad to appear in your Microsoft Ads account.
  3. Check out that everything is working properly by checking your Microsoft Ads account. Go to your settings. If you need more details, watch our new YouTube tutorial & follow the steps.
  4. Finally, grab a cup of coffee and contemplate how Microsoft Ads is driving traffic to your site.



It’s time to Audit your Microsoft Ads campaigns 

Once you have already set up your Microsoft promo code & your ads are running, don’t forget about the optimization process. 

➡️Microsoft Ads Audit by Clever Ads allows you to get your Microsoft Ads campaigns optimized in 5 easy steps. You can always count on the help of a team of experts! With Clever’s Microsoft Ads, you will focus only on finding potential customers.

➡️Get your Microsoft Ads score & identify what is not working and how it can be fixed.

➡️Clever Ads Audit handles everything else after you answer a few simple questions about your business, objectives, and target audience. You will start attracting customers through Microsoft Ads. 

➡️Boost your ads with ready-to-apply tips.

If you’re still feeling unsure about this platform, don’t panic! Let Clever Ads help you advertise like a pro with Microsoft Advertising! In less than 4 days, you can boost conversions and take your business to the next level.


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