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Microsoft Ads news for 2023

Did you know that the investment share of the Google + Meta duopoly is slowing down? According to a recent Insider Intelligence study, the dominance of these two immersive platforms is beginning to fade; the two companies combined, by 2023, will generate less than half of US digital advertising. This is a powerful incentive for entrepreneurs, ecommerce owners, influencers, and every self-respecting marketer to get their hands on Bing Ads. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! We bring you an updated list of what’s new in Microsoft Ads during 2022 and what seems to be coming in 2023.

2023: there’s a little something coming

Let’s start from the most recent to the oldest, because, if your purpose is to learn to get your campaigns up and running, it’s best to keep your mind fresh when reading the most current and interesting stuff:

Goodbye to expanded text ads.

The date is approaching. Microsoft follows in the footsteps of the competition and announces that it is getting rid of expanded text ads for RSAs (Responsive Search Ads). What are the key points of this issue?

  • They will no longer be editable as of February 1, 2023.
  • They will still appear in searches and you will be able to see their performance.
  • You will be able to pause, enable or remove them.


responsive search ads


You can deal with this manually by creating the new RSAs (Responsive Search Ads) or in an automated way by importing the ones that already exist in Google Ads + applying the account recommendations. 

Integration of ChatGPT in the search functions

The idea is to present this new integration before the end of March this year. ChatGPT, created by OpenAI was presented in November 2022 and was quite a surprise. The idea is to integrate this natural language chatbot into Bing’s search engine, thus making it possible to give search answers through human language instead of displaying a list of links, which is the classic way a search engine works today.

New design and image creation tools

The era of artificial intelligence is in full swing, and Microsoft does not want to be left behind. Back in October last year, at its annual Ignite conference for developers, Microsoft announced that it was making a firm commitment in this area, presenting two new applications: Microsoft Designer and Image Creator, both integrations of Dall-E2, a system developed by OpenAI capable of generating images from text descriptions.



At the moment these options are available through private and early access, so those interested must register on the company’s website.

Microsoft + Netflix: subscription with advertising

This news burst our heads in July 2022, but has not yet become effective. The Netflix platform has lost a lot of steam in the last year and is looking for a cheaper subscription model. The solution lies in a user plan that includes ads. In that sense, Netflix assures that Microsoft has the capacity to satisfy all its advertising needs and that it values the flexibility that Microsoft offers them to innovate over time. Time. Thanks to this new model, consumers will be able to access Netflix content more economically, while advertisers will be able to access the platform’s audience and premium inventory of connected TVs through Microsoft.


netflix and ms ads


So what’s been happening during 2022?

What’s coming matters a lot to us, but also keeping up with what’s happened this past year to update our ads and know what things have changed. Take note of what’s new in Microsoft Ads that happened during 2022!

October 2022: vertical ads

With Bing’s new vertical ads, available worldwide, you can focus more on targeting and create product-specific campaigns for: real estate, cars, credit cards, cruises, travel and leisure activities. They are very attractive ads whose goals are to increase recognition and boost conversions. They are automated and you will see your ROI increase. 

September 2022: smart cross-platform campaigns

September saw the birth of cross-platform smart campaigns, allowing you, as an administrator, to easily control all aspects of your paid social and cross-platform search campaigns from one place – reminiscent of our Clever Ads Manager!

Adding image extensions to responsive search ads

Another new feature of Microsoft Ads that came out in September last year is that you can now display image extensions to make your ads stand out even more. You can easily add them yourself or choose existing or stock images. 

August 2022: Dynamic Ad Destinations

This option, which came out in the summer, allows you to add dynamic ad destinations for specific pages (subdomains) on your website as you create dynamic search ads. This is a good idea if you want to set different bids for different parts of your page.

June 2022: Incentivize potential customers with automatic cashback offers

Showing these types of offers will encourage potential customers to buy. They provide the best possible return on ad spend (ROAS), because they show optimized offers to prospects at the right time. 

Redesigned Ad Builder Experience

June also saw the release of this experience redesign, which saves time and improves visuals by making the process of creating multimedia ads easier for the advertiser. This enhancement also makes images stand out by applying smart effects (design effects, background blur, background color…). Read more about the multimedia ad creator here.

March 2022: Campaign time zones update

From March 2022, time zones can no longer be edited for campaigns but are directly aligned with the selection of the account itself. In this way Microsoft aims to maintain consistency between reporting and invoice data. We recommend that you review your account time zone to ensure it is accurate.

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