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The best Black Friday sales ideas

Save the date! Black Friday is Friday, November 25, 2022. You not only need to save this date but also start preparing your eCommerce for it! Black Friday Sales (combined with Cyber Monday) are the most important dates for November. It’s one of the busiest days of the year and if you want to take full advantage of it, you should plan ahead. Boost your Seasonal Marketing Sales!

Black Friday 2021/2022 sales data

This date, Black Friday, is an ideal opportunity for you and your business to offer special discounts and promos to stand out from your competitors.

  • More than 100 million people ended up buying their Black Friday deals online.
  • On Black Friday alone, $8.9 billion was spent in 2021.
  • 58% of Generation Z, 54% of millennials, 39% of Generation X and 37% of baby boomers rely heavily on Black Friday.
  • Factors influencing Black Friday purchase decisions include free shipping (49%), limited-time promotions/rebates (36%), website/app usability (21%) and Buy-Online-Pick-In-Store (BOPIS) (20%).
  • Interestingly, 31% of consumers prefer to shop in-store on Black Friday due to the overall excitement of that day.Source: salecycle and financesonline

Black Friday eCommerce tips

Check your website’s speed

Would you go to war without being well-armed? It’s no different than preparing for Black Friday (except the war part). 

A fast website makes the user experience a positive feeling and experience because the page instantly displays the information they need, without having to wait. On the other hand, if the loading speed is slow and the user has to wait for the information to be shown, it will generate a negative experience.

Start promoting your Black Friday sales early

Picture the inbox of online buyers! Imagine how crowded it will be as the holidays are approaching and start promoting in advance. Start launching a pre-campaign to inform your database that they will soon be able to enjoy exclusive offers and discounts. This way, they will have you in mind when Black Friday arrives and will be able to plan their purchases in advance. In addition, your interactions with these emails will serve to measure your interest in the offers you propose.

Personalization is key

89% of U.S. marketers reported that personalization on their websites resulted in an increase in revenue. Wow, it would seem that personalization is quite effective!

Here are the three things that consumers expect from brands:

  • Help me faster.
  • Know me better.
  • Wow me everywhere.

Make sure your email marketing is not overbearing. Divide your target audience into different customer groups and create personalized messages. 63% of customers expect brands to use their purchase history data in order to provide them with tailored experiences (Think with Google). Another tactic that you could use in order to offer a more personalized experience to your visitor is recommendations on your product pages.

Send offers adapted to each type of customer in your database, adapting the offer and the discount percentage. For example, for your most loyal customers you can perhaps increase the discount or give them some other type of benefit.
Source: Think with Google.

And what about PPC?

It goes without saying that you will need to invest some extra time and money into your PPC campaigns around this time of the year. Make sure you check your performance from last year and draw useful conclusions. Do a keyword research on people who are mostly searching for you and add them to your ad groups. Use remarketing campaigns in order to bring customers back to your store and remind them about your brand/products. And last but not least, increase your budget significantly. You don’t want your campaigns to run out of a budget and stop appearing when people are searching for your products at its peak.


The holiday season is the best opportunity for your business to earn new loyal customers and also get back previous visitors. By planning your strategy ahead, you will be taking advantage of this huge opportunity and see your sales increase significantly! 



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