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Chinese New Year: Infallible Advertising Strategies

Chinese New Year is a celebration that marks the beginning of the year on the lunar calendar. It is also commonly known as “Spring Festival”. Let’s take a look at some facts to give us some context about this holiday:

  • The color red and fireworks are the predominant elements during this holiday. This comes from a legend that tells us that there was a monster by the name of Nian that terrorized the Chinese inhabitants by devouring their crops, their livestock and sometimes the inhabitants themselves. People discovered that this monster feared the color red, loud noise and bright colors, which led to the tradition of using the color red and fireworks.
  • In 2022, the volume of business transactions during the Chinese New Year was 28.84 billion euros.
  • It is a tradition to give presents to the elderly and children during these festivities.

Many major companies and institutions carry out special marketing actions aimed at this holiday. Some examples:

  • Fútbol Club Barcelona: The Barcelona soccer team every year performs greetings with their players to the Chinese public in addition to other shows:

chinese new year camp nou


  • Fendi: The italian fashion brand launches a specific collection to commemorate the Chinese New Year:


chinese new year fendi


Marketing strategies for Chinese New Year

Now that we are clear about the origin and some of the actions taken by other companies, let’s look at some of the possible marketing strategies we can carry out for Chinese New Year:

  • Creating themed content: we can insert Chinese New Year themed images to decorate our website. In addition we can also create blog posts that talk about this holiday to attract new users to our website. Some of the elements we can use are:
    • Chinese letters that congratulate the Chinese New Year.
    • Symbols with red as the predominant color.
    • Images about the Chinese zodiac. For example, if it is the year of the tiger we can add images of the tiger zodiac to decorate our website. In this case, in 2024, we should add images of dragons.
  • Special offers and discounts: Like any other holiday, we can add discounts for our products during this period of time. Another option is to create a discount code with this theme.
  • Actions on social networks: As with all holidays, social networks will be your greatest allies. You can upload images to your social networks congratulating the Chinese New Year. With a quick search, you can find images on the internet that can help you, although our recommendation is that you edit them yourself.
  • Influencer marketing: Another good strategy is to collaborate with Chinese content creators who are in the countries where you can ship your products to. This way you will be able to reach your audience in a direct way.

As you have seen, Chinese New Year is a good opportunity to carry out marketing actions to increase your sales. Did you like these ideas? Do you have any others? Let us know in the comments!

And don’t forget, if you want to learn more about other holidays and how to prepare your store for them, visit our marketing calendar in the resources section.


chinese new year infographic

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