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Marketing strategy for Cyber Monday 2023: the definitive guide

As you know, Black Friday is a globally known event, but… What about Cyber Monday? This new online shopping tradition takes place right after Black Friday, and its particularity is that it focuses on a specific department: electronics! Computers, phones, tablets, TVs, video games and any digital or technological product, can have a big discount or promotion on this date. It’s time to prepare your Marketing strategy for Cyber Monday 2023!

Let’s review the most important things to know about Cyber Monday, and how marketers should prepare for this important date. Read on!

Cyber Monday 2023 is here!

Cyber Monday was born in the United States, but in a few years it has expanded internationally, just like Black Friday. And it comes right after Black Friday, during that weekend all kinds of promotions and discounts are offered, and consumers tend to buy their first Christmas and Thanksgiving gifts.

This year, Cyber Monday will be on Monday, December 2. If you’re a Marketer, start preparing in advance; if you’re a consumer, pay attention, as many (and very juicy) discounts will be coming out.

How to prepare for Cyber Monday?

Let’s take a look at what you should do to prepare for Cyber Monday 2023 sales!

Adapt your landing pages

Regardless of the season, but probably the most important thing for marketers, is to have a good, fully optimized landing page. Adding several changes to your web page can make it stand out. You should create a specific landing page or category for your different promotions and discounts, both for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. During these key dates, consumers will compare and search many websites to find the best deals – yours should be at the top of the list!

Clever Tip: don’t forget to optimize SEO and think about a good seasonal marketing calendar for all the dates of this last quarter of the year, and thus capture quality traffic.

Mobile optimization

In addition, it is important to remember the importance of mobile optimization. Remember that Cyber Monday has been a big online sales day in U.S. history, and a large proportion of those were purchases made from mobile devices. In 2023, this trend is likely to continue, so make sure your website is optimized for mobile.

Email campaign to drive attention

If you have no subscribers yet, start building a base because reaching them with emails or SMS can help you drive them to new products or promotions – increasing engagement.

For your current subscribers, design an email strategy for Cyber Monday to start getting in front of customers and getting them ready for all your promotions and discounts. Using a single SMS communication for this date with a specific promotion can be very effective. Including a countdown can make customers even more excited and it is easy to remember for them, the day of the promotion.


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Promote it!

It may be somewhat obvious, but it is not about promoting or running ads like any other time of the year. Trigger keywords and the Cyber Monday seasonality. Create personalized content to increase engagement. Your best deals must be shown as much as you can!

Clever tip: run emails with a Cyber Monday campaign subject to increase open rate.


An amazing Cyber Monday idea is to promote your products to create a bundle that includes a pack or a kit. For example a gaming pack:


gamers pack


This one includes a screen, computer, headphones, mouse, and keyboard for an ideal price. Mixing this with a Cyber Monday discount shout out can bring you a lot of conversions. Adapt a great message to communicate to your potential customers the advantages of purchasing this Pro Gaming Pack.

Clever Tip: try Google Ads and tailor the content to your specific promotion to achieve great results. Even an attractive banner can be a game changer. Need help with your online ads? We help you with our Google Ads Creator!

Consider cart abandonment rate

There is around a 70% of cart abandonment average and working on Cyber Monday promotions to ensure great results can be frustrating. In order to flip the situation, communicate to your customers that their cart is ready to go. Always add a time urgency regarding the expiration date of the promotion to ensure they complete their purchase.

Try to make it engaging and add different options for your users to interact with. For example, is there any reason to leave your shopping cart? Pricing, I found a better one, not sure on quality. These examples aligned with your own products can make customers share with you the reason and so follow up with a discount or more information about the product. 

VIP promotions & discounts

Taking care of your most important customers can create loyalty and great results long term. If you are not taking care of your most important customers, start now!

For such a specific holiday (Cyber Monday) and segment (Electronics), your VIP customers are extremely important because they have already purchased with you and giving them a special offer will make them understand that you care for them (build loyalty).

For your subscribers or high value customers, create a specific pack or bundle. Or just give them a huge VIP discount code just valid for them. If well communicated, customers will understand that purchasing from you can bring them more discounts and special offers.


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