Trending Christmas Gifts

Trending Christmas gifts – What products will be successful this year?

Christmas is just around the corner and, after the pandemic situation we have experienced, Christmas 2022 is expected to see a huge increase in online shopping. So this is the perfect time to give your online store a boost in sales and improve the results of this atypical year.

Facts to know before doing Christmas ads thinking on the trending Christmas gifts

If you are planning to advertise your online store during the Christmas season, you should definitely check the facts that are listed below to take advantage of the expected customer behavior for this season. Let’s check some general data and previsions for 2021’s holiday season:

  • 90% of consumers take advantage of Christmas to make “special” purchases that involve a significant financial outlay and that they have been postponing for months (for example, to change their cell phone or computer).
  • When these purchases are intended for family or friends, the inspiration phase plays a key role for 38% of consumers, who say they need to look for ideas on what to give as a gift.
  • The fashion and beauty categories are once again popular. Nearly 50% of consumers expect to make a fashion-related purchase and more than 35% will invest in culture, leisure or travel. The preference for comfortable clothing, as we continue to spend more time at home due to, among other things, telecommuting, places products such as sweatshirts and sweaters as top sellers of the season.
  • Consumers are returning to the physical store (while continuing to shop online). For this reason, omnichannel will be especially relevant this Christmas.
  • The online channel will be the main shopping channel for 72% of consumers, but the weight of in-store shopping at Christmas time increases in 2022.
  • 29% of consumers plan to go to specialized local shopping stores.Source: Think with Google

Christmas gifting trends 2022

After reviewing all the facts that explain why this year’s Christmas will be a huge success in terms of ecommerce sales, let’s see which products will be trendy this holiday season:


The rise of the iPhone and its events in September, planned obsolescence, the desire to have the latest model, improve performance, technological advances every month… Having a latest model cell phone has become a priority for the younger generations, and the trend is to save all year to invest in a new cell phone the last month of the year, thus collaborating with fashionable Christmas gifts.


The same thing that happens with cell phones also happens with large-screen devices such as laptops or desktops. In addition, the pandemic has made us more homemade, it seems that permanently, and one of the habits or hobbies that have gained followers are video games. Now there are many more gamers than before, who invest in computers and other technological gadgets such as headphones, kits to make reels or TikToks… And all these elements have a high price, they are perfect to ask Santa Claus, don’t you think?

Culture, leisure and travel

The pandemic has made us more homely, it’s true, but it has also made us love and value our leisure time and our freedom much more, so people now invest much more in leisure and culture plans… Let’s hope we don’t have to stay in quarantine again!

Fashion: comfortable clothes for being at home

With the trend of remote work we spend much more time at home than before, and nobody wants to spend hours sitting in front of the computer being uncomfortable, right? That’s why all clothing lines, from the most expensive to the cheapest, already have their homewear line. Comfortable or comfy clothing, for being at home, is another of this year’s trendy Christmas gifts.

Outdoor sports

If there is one thing that has made us appreciate COVID-19 in recent years, it has been health. As soon as we could get out on the streets without restrictions we ran out of bikes and everything related to outdoor sports. If you sell any kind of product related to this sector, you are in luck, because you will sell like hot cakes. Accessories for outdoor sports appear in all the lists of trendy gifts for this year. As soon as we could get out on the streets without restrictions we ran out of bikes or electric tricycles and everything related to outdoor sports.

Christmas decorations

And, of course, something that will never stop selling at Christmas, Christmas decorations. And more so now, with the trend of making aesthetic videos on Instagram and all the influencers wanting to show off their homes and decorations.

Merry Christmas in advance!

Did you find this information useful, are there any trending Christmas gifts you miss in this list? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to follow us on our social networks for more useful information about marketing and Google Ads for your store.

Did you find this information helpful? Is there any Trending Christmas gifts that you have at the top of your list? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to follow us on our social media for more useful marketing and Google Ads information for your store!


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