Trending Christmas Gifts

Trending Christmas gifts – What products will be successful this year?

Christmas is just around the corner and, after the pandemic situation we have experienced, Christmas 2023 is expected to see a huge increase in online shopping. So this is the perfect time to give your online store a boost in sales and improve this year’s results.

Important facts before making Christmas ads thinking about trending Christmas gifts.

If you are planning to make Christmas ads for your online store during the season, you should definitely check the data mentioned below to take advantage of the expected customer behavior for this season. Let’s review some general data and forecasts for the 2023 holiday season:

    • 91% of consumers take advantage of Christmas to make “special” purchases that involve a significant financial outlay and that they have been postponing for months (for example to change their mobile or computer).
    • When these purchases are intended for family or friends, the inspiration phase plays a key role for 39% of consumers, who say they need to look for ideas on what to give.
    • Fashion and beauty categories remain popular. Nearly 51% of consumers expect to make a fashion-related purchase and more than 36% will invest in culture, leisure or travel. The preference for comfortable clothing, as we continue to spend more time at home due to, among other things, telecommuting, places products such as sweatshirts and sweaters as top sellers of the season.
    • The consumer still prefers the physical store (while still shopping online). For this reason, omnichannel will be especially relevant this Christmas.
    • The online channel will be the main shopping channel for 73% of consumers, but the weight of physical store shopping at Christmas time increases in 2023.
    • 30% of consumers plan to go to specialized local shopping stores.

Trendy Christmas gifts of 2023

After going through all the data that explains why Christmas this year will be a huge success in terms of eCommerce sales, let’s take a look at what products will be trending this holiday season:

Cell phones

The rise of the iPhone and its events in September, planned obsolescence, the desire to have the latest model, improve features, technological advances every month… Having a latest model mobile has become a common desire for many, and Christmas is the perfect time to make that special gift. The latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel models are some of the most anticipated.

Smart home technology

Home technology products continue to be a popular choice for holiday gifts. Smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home, smart plugs, smart LED lights and streaming devices such as Roku and Chromecast are some of the most sought-after gifts.

Fashion apparel and accessories.

Fashionable clothing and accessories are always a safe choice for holiday gifts. Comfy sweaters, wool scarves and gloves, winter boots and jewelry are some of the items that are expected to be in fashion this season. In addition, sportswear and fitness-related items are also trending, due to the growing interest in wellness and health.

Beauty and personal care products

Beauty and personal care product sets are another popular Christmas gift. Skin care sets, perfumes and colognes, and high-end makeup products are some of the most desired gifts in this category.




Finally, experiences are expected to remain a popular gift. This includes things like concert tickets, cooking classes, subscriptions to streaming services, and gym or club memberships… etc.

These are just a few of the trending Christmas gifts that are expected to be popular in 2023. We hope they help you plan your holiday shopping and prepare your online store for the upcoming season! Remember that the most important thing is to think about the gift recipient and choose something that they will really like and appreciate. Happy shopping!

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