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eCommerce tips: tricks for a good online sales strategy

Now that you’ve becoming a store owner, it’s time to increase your benefits with some eCommerce tips. We all know that building an eCommerce is not as simple as you thought, but it’s really satisfying in the end. Becoming an entrepreneur is exciting because everything is new. As an experienced eCommerce manager, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. That’s why I created these 3 eCommerce tips for new entrepreneurs like you, so you can make some money off your new store.

Don’t waste your time and money on your website design

Website design is important for your eCommerce , but it’s not the most important thing. We all know that the design of your website is something fascinating and we always want to work on it more and more. But this can cause us to fall into a loop of continuous improvement, in which we will be wasting our valuable time. The aesthetics of your eCommerce is not one of the most relevant factors to improve your profits; therefore, let’s start with a simple and coherent website or landing page design and and don’t waste any more time on this.

Work on your SEO

If you work on your SEO for your eCommerce, you will have an advantage over your competitors. Generally, when an entrepreneur starts an online store, he focuses on uploading many products (thinking that the quantity is the most important thing which is a mistake), having a payment theme (not necessary) and putting all the money he can towards ads… but very few care about working on their eCommerce tips for SEO from the get-go. Working on SEO is one of the best decisions we can make. It is a strategy that will take several months to produce results, but if we start to do it little by little from the beginning, in a few short months we will see how SEO (which we have been working little by little without stress) will be getting us sales and increasing our profit without having to allocate a budget directly to it. Obviously, if you can afford a specific budget for SEO, do it without hesitation. But if this is not your case, you can start working on it on your own and analyze the results, they will surely surprise you.

Don’t focus only on Ads!

Ads are only one of the many strategies that we must use for our eCommerce. It is a mistake to focus only on this strategy and forget about the rest. Next we will see the most important strategies and some advantages and disadvantages of them.


We have always heard the phrase “You have to invest in ads to make a profit” and this is true, but up to a point. Investing in ads is necessary especially when we are starting our eCommerce, since it is the FASTEST strategy that will bring us benefits. The ads appear positioned on Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, or the platform we use in a matter of minutes and from the first day we implement them they will bring us sales. Therefore, of course we must make ads for our eCommerce, but I would not spend more than 25-30% of our time on it.

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Influencers or Micro-Influencers

While it is true that we have heard of influencers on numerous occasions, surely we have never considered working with them. We think they are too expensive or that we will use them later but why? Once we have our eCommerce running, my recommendation is to start working with micro-influencers from the first minute. If we think about it… How much does a click in CPC cost us? $0.25-$0.50? Well, let’s imagine that we have a product on our website at $10.00 – that is, it costs us $ 3. Therefore, if we give this product to micro influencers (if they take us 6-10 visits to our website) we would already have a lower cost of acquisition than the Ads. There are many micro-influencers (10-50k) that in exchange for us to give them a product, they will upload one or two delighted stories. Therefore, this is where we must invest another 25-30% of our time. Write to influencers who have an audience similar to that of our eCommerce tips and contact as many as possible. If this strategy is carried out properly, we will see that the results that it is going to report are much higher than those that we achieve with Ads. Although if possible, ideally we would be able to maintain the ads while working with influencers.

Optimize your eCommerce website to increase your sales

Once we have managed to bring traffic to our website thanks to ads or influencers, we must optimize our eCommerce to achieve a good conversion ratio (> 1%) and design a good strategy of cross-selling and upsellings to increase the average ticket of our trolley. If we get each client to buy us $50 instead of $25, we will be doubling our profits, without any direct investment. Just by optimizing our product pages.

Email Marketing

We have already got people to visit our eCommerce, we have our product pages optimized to sell more, but we are not done yet. Email marketing is the great forgotten of eCommerce; however, I would dare to say that it is the most profitable strategy. We must design email marketing campaigns focused on adding value to our clients and this will have an impact on additional sales. We have already obtained the information of the clients who have bought with us, now we only have to take care of them and get them to buy with us again to increase our profits exponentially.

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  1. Selling online does require some insights and hard work, but it is well worth it in the end.

  2. All these tips and tricks are really good. In this article, I know about a good online sales strategy. Thanks a lot.

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