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Every day thousands of products are sold and purchased online through the most diverse eCommerce platforms. COVID-19 has further intensified online commerce and because of it, more and more business owners take into account that it is necessary to create a good website that is able to stand out from the competition so that their visitors become customers and do not leave the store during the first visit. Read about eCommerce website design!

Taking the current environment into account, a good design is fundamental in order to make a first impression on any eCommerce website, but it’s not the only thing. Ideally, eCommerce web design should be thought of in order to simplify the purchase process, the design has a direct effect on the time consumers spend on your website and on what they are willing to buy. Also take into account that despite how good your eCommerce ads may be, if your website does not match your campaigns, brand colors, optimized for sales and intuitive, you may be losing several customers.

Currently, just opening an online store is not enough, it is necessary to know how to create a good eCommerce site that results in sales. Your website does not only have to look good, it must also be designed in a way that leads visitors to take action to convert them into customers.

At this point you must be wondering how you can improve this, but you don’t need to wait any longer, just follow these top 11 eCommerce website design tips to help you take your shop to the next level:

Keep it simple & appeal to the audience

When choosing the design for an eCommerce website we should always keep in mind that the simpler the better.

What makes a good eCommerce website design is minimalism and cleanliness as these two elements make it look more professional and organized.

Additionally, you should keep in mind that your website should be built with a focus on the interests of your target audience. Working with a reputable web design company can help ensure that your website is built with a focus on the interests of your target audience.

Use high quality photos & videos

It is now common knowledge that good quality images on an eCommerce website are very important to generate conversions and that poor quality images lead most visitors to look for another online store that gives them more confidence in their products.

No consumer is willing to buy a product without seeing its features first. You should put images of great quality and from different angles so that the customer feels more confident to buy and so that he or she can quickly assess whether the product meets his or her expectations, thus avoiding returns.

Make it responsive

We all know that it is necessary to have a mobile version of our eCommerce website. How many times did you quickly consult a particular website on your mobile phone just to get some information? Although it may not have led to a purchase in the same way, the mobile version is very important since in the vast majority of times it is the way a customer first sees your website. If your online store is not optimized for mobile devices, when a customer visits your store using a smartphone, your store will likely appear disorganized and the texts will be very small, forcing the person to leave the store and look elsewhere. In summary, make sure your site is completely responsive.

Make categories easy to navigate

If visitors on your website have to click on ten different menus before they can find the product they’re looking for, they’ll probably give up and look for a competitor’s site.

With this in mind, your products should be organized by categories and characteristics that allow your customers to filter products through, for example: the type of product, color, and size.

The more intuitive the navigation on the pages of your website is, the more easily your customers will find what they are looking for and the more easily they will make a purchase.

Make your content scannable

According to various surveys, most visitors to any website only read 20% of the text. Which means it is not worth creating long and elaborate descriptions for your eCommerce website given that most consumers will not read it.

One tip is to use short sentences and paragraphs, use bold letters to draw attention to more important information and organize large blocks of text in lists with various topics.

The easier it is to interpret your content the greater the likelihood that visitors will understand your main message, so the likelihood that they will make a purchase on your website is greater.

Keep consistency and branding

Studies report that having a brand that presents itself in a consistent way on all platforms is capable of increasing revenues up to 23%.

Any online eCommerce website is part of a brand identity, so the design of the eCommerce website must meet the attributes and values ​​that the brand transmits. On your website you should use the same fonts, colors and brand design so that customers can easily recognize and remember it.

Make it look professional

When creating an eCommerce website what you want is for people who visit your site to acquire something of the same. Keep in mind that if your site does not look professional it will probably look unreliable so it will be more difficult to earn revenue.

For your website to look professional it should not contain spelling or typing errors, it must also be well organized and the fonts and color palettes must be consistent with your brand. Check that all product links and buttons work and that all of your photos are of good quality.

Think like a website visitor

When you think like your customer, you can anticipate what he or she wants from your eCommerce website, so put yourself in the visitor’s shoes when developing the design and design your site to more easily meet their needs. In summary, there are some things that potential customers want on an eCommerce website: a well-designed website, easy to navigate, and easy purchase processes. 

 Make checkout a breeze

If you buy online, you probably have to leave the page at checkout, since the process was quite confusing/complicated or simply because it was not working properly or even because there was not enough information about the checkout process that led to a purchase.

This makes it easy to understand that if the checkout process on your website is not as easy as possible, you will lose customers. So give customers the option to register on your site as a customer or just as a guest, have the information about the shopping process well organized and clear (from the information you need to process to buy), have several shipping options. Also state how the customer should go about returning your product (if they so desire) so that the customer feels safe and confident when finishing the purchasing process.

Add social proof

An effective way to gain the trust of your customers is through social proof, so when designing your eCommerce site look for effective ways to show your potential customers the positive feedback you have received from your existing customers.

The more visitors that see that other people have had positive shopping experiences when buying on your site – whether through reviews or testimonials – the more reliable you will appear and the more conversions you’ll make.

Provide multiple ways to get in touch

If customers are sure about how they can contact the store if they have any problems, they will feel safer when making a purchase on your website.

So you should add a contact page with a phone, email, and the address of your physical store. Take advantage and also post your social media profiles, as well as a frequently asked questions page with product descriptions and extremely clear information.

You should also install a live chat so that buyers feel that there is someone there to help them in case they have any questions or difficulties in finding the right products.

Wrapping up!

To sum things up, the goal of all online stores is to sell their products or services, so the design of your eCommerce website must be thought out so that it can attract potential customers, provide a great experience to the person who visits it and present the store in the best way.

Now that you know our web design tips for eCommerce, you have everything you need to be able to design a website that looks good, organized, and that results in good sales. If you already have an online store, you can take advantage of these tips to carry out a renovation to your store, even if it is simply by making the product descriptions shorter and more objective. Read another eCommerce tips here!

Extra tip: read here about product photography mistakes eCommerce you should avoid!


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