Fall Season

Marketing ideas for your fall season campaigns

The end of summer is rapidly approaching us, bringing the very important season of autumn.Change of weather, change of schedules, and new key dates to worry about such as Halloween, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. How does one take advantage of all of this? In this post we’ll take you through a series of tips and tricks to help you in your marketing efforts this fall season.

Return to (the new) normalcy

After a couple of years of instability due to the Coronavirus, there are two aspects to take advantage of in your fall season marketing strategy: post-holiday depression and the rush of purchases related to back to the office and back-to-school.

Make it a priority to promote your products, offer discounts and take care of your customers who need it now more than ever!

Good resolutions for fall

After New Year’s, autumn is the other time people look for change in their life through resolutions. Why is this? Because, as we said, after the excessive living in the summer, people feel a bit guilty and try to set new goals. Think about how your business can fit into someone’s resolution and be a part of their change!

Back-to-school marketing

Create special discounts for college students going back to school. Establish discounts for all those with a student id can really boost your following.

An offline approach to this marketing could be going directly to campuses and schools and promoting your product. It could be something as simple as handing out flyers or cards with your eCommerce and a special discount. And don’t forget to invest in eCommerce ads!

Key date tip: Oktoberfest

Prost! An interesting and fun promotion you can do is to offer beer (depending on your budget) to customers who buy from your business during Oktoberfest. If you already sell beer, even better! You could also offer glasses or bottle openers personalized with your brand and give them to your customers. Embrace your inner German and celebrate this time of the year.


fall season infographic


Time change

In some countries, at this time of the year the clock hour change that they go through makes their citizens endure better use of the sunlight.

Help your customers make the most of autumn’s sunshine hours with various promotions, or even make them appreciate the darkness with products or experiences that benefit it!

Weather change

The fall season also brings about a significant change in weather in a lot of places. Take advantage of this change by offering fun new promotions. Embrace the cozy weather by holding a knitting contest with photos on your social media, or do something in that nature to get people excited about your brand. Creativity is power!

Key date tip: Halloween

Let’s get spooky! During Halloween, everyone is due for a good scare, right? Get creative with your products and really embrace the ghoulish holiday!

Another thing you can do is to decorate your website and landings for the holiday. You’ll be able to attract the most curious of customers.

Don’t forget Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

These holidays are among the most important when planning against your competition. Black Friday is an ideal opportunity for you to offer special discounts and stand out. 

Likewise, Cyber Monday is a worldwide event that will require discounts and deals to appease your consumers. Get ahead of your competition with incredible discounts on your website and attempt to make loyal customers for the rest of the year.

The Christmas season ahead

Even though there’s a fair amount of time before Christmas, it’ll be here before you know it! Don’t be too early with your Christmastime efforts, but also don’t lag behind the competition.

Use this time before the holiday season to make a smart and dedicated approach.

Thanks for reading, and for more key dates download our free Marketing Calendar!

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