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 If you stumbled upon this post, you likely run a small online business or work with developing a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Developing an SEO strategy is not an easy feat and can take a ton of effort and years of practice to perfect. A key aspect to any good SEO strategy is the proper use of keywords. It is imperative that you select keywords that accurately represent the products and services that you are selling. Gathering the perfect keyword list is one of the best ways to improve your strategy in a snap. Lucky for you, there is an amazing keyword tool out there that can make the whole process so much easier for you!

Clever Keyword Planner – How does it work?

The Clever Ads Keyword planner can help you discover thousands of accurate keywords by filtering so you focus only on the keywords that really you and your brand. Your keyword list will be totally customizable, leaving you in control of the final decisions, but aiding the overall process and probably the hardest step.

  1. Search for the right keywords for your business
    Filter based on CPC, search volume, competition and more to easily figure out which keywords work best for you. 
  2. Create a new list or complete your existing list
    Once you know which keywords you want to use, you can easily create a new list for them or add them to any preexisting lists you have. Make adjustments and move things around directly through the keyword tool as you see fit – forget about copying and pasting between different spreadsheets, get it all done in one place. 
  3. Upload your keywords directly to your Google Ads campaigns
    Since Clever Ads is a Google Partner, you can safely upload your keyword lists to your Google Ads campaigns in just one click! 

Main benefits

Save Time

By entering just one word that represents your products, the Clever Ads Keyword Planner will generate hundreds of other keywords for you to use. Have them all easily exported and sorted based on bid price, competition level, and more to make well-informed choices on which keywords would best meet your goals.

Save Money

That old saying that ‘time is money’ really rings true, but aside from all the time you’ll save by using this tool, selecting more effective keywords can help you cut back on costs by a lot. Since this tool highlights the cost of the different keywords, you can be sure that you do not go over budget by following the main suggestions.

Better Positioning

Get on top of keywords before your competitors do by following which keywords are trending and assesign competition levels. Discover niches that competitors may not have picked up on yet and set yourself apart. Since the tool is so easy to use, you can regularly do a quick keyword search to stay up to date and remain competitive. 



Work from anywhere!

We get that the past year has made it very important to have flexibility in where you work, which is why the Clever Ads Keyword Planner is designed with this in mind. Our tool will deliver maximum power for you from any device, so you can take that vacation or stay a bit longer on your morning coffee run. Improve your keywords anytime and anywhere!

I hope that you found this post helpful and are excited to start working on your new keyword lists! If you have any questions or need more advice on how to work on keyword lists, the team is happy to help you via email at


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