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All you need to know about Google Ads agency pricing

Are you getting the most out of your Google Ads budget? Do you know the current Google Ads agency prices in 2023? Don’t miss the opportunity to optimize your budget with the following tips.

Three years ago, you decided to invest in Google Ads to promote your business and, of course – why not be honest – increase your revenue. If you’re not an expert, you’re probably spending your time trying to understand how Google Ads works. You may feel frustrated (don’t worry, we’ve all been there), and you probably have a lot of doubts and questions about it.

When you reached the limit of your patience, you started to consider other alternatives. Who should you turn to for help? You may have heard of several advertising agencies, agencies with AdWords experts who are available to relieve you from the stress of working with Google Ads, but… What would be the next step? Relieving you of this stress, it’s probably not free, right? Is this luxury aligned with your budget? We’ve done the research for you…

Google Ads Agency Pricing Models in 2023

Before answering the fundamental question of “How much will it cost me to outsource Google Ads management in 2023?”, you should know the different Google Ads agency pricing models.

Percentage rate calculated on the Google Ads spend

This option is still a very common Google Ads agency pricing model for PPC management agencies. With this model, the agency will charge you a fixed percentage of the amount you will spend on the Google Ads campaigns they will manage. These agencies also usually require a minimum budget that you must spend on ads. If you are a small business starting out with a commensurate budget, this may not be the most optimal solution.

Flat Fee

Some agencies will charge you a flat fee after doing a thorough analysis of your business. Every Google Ads agency pricing model in PPC management has its pros and cons, and this one is no different. A clear advantage of the flat rate pricing model is that you know exactly how much you are going to be charged each month. There are no big surprises. Plus, you won’t be pressured to increase your Google Ads spend, which can also be a relief.


This pricing model requires more attention because it can be complicated. You’ll want to make sure that the KPI’S on which you’ll base your campaign management fee are clear, scalable and represent the actual growth of your business. Once this is achieved, you have a special advantage. An account manager will be motivated by this model to make your business successful.

An alternative to expensive PPC agencies.

If you are a small eCommerce and you are also new to the market, then all of the above options may sound a bit over the top. However, the need to use Google Ads to bring customers to your door still exists, and is of great importance. Which begs the question of whether there are alternatives to expensive PPC management agencies. Well, the answer is yes.

Using a simple application that can create your Google Ads campaigns sounds like a dream, right? When we created Clever Ads eCommerce Ads, we were thinking precisely about small merchants and the challenges they face in making their business thrive in a very competitive market. This software will inspect the products and categories on your website and automatically create campaigns based on this data. Later, an account manager will review all the campaigns created to confirm that they are correct. Btw, are you acquainted with the PMAX campaigns conducted by Google and Microsoft? They’re definitely worth checking out!



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