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How to do successful holiday marketing campaigns on Google Ads

Holiday season, key dates, inventory, promotions, discounts, bidding?… eCommerce owners might be stressed out or confused during the holiday. In this post you will get very useful insights for your marketing campaigns during the holiday season to be successful holiday marketing campaigns.

Do you want to learn how to do successful holiday marketing campaigns on Google Ads? Then keep reading!

Marketing campaigns on Google Ads tips

Get ready in advance

Make sure you have enough inventory and your product listing is up to date. Your web page must be optimized before carrying seasonal campaigns to ensure efficiency.

Knowing your audience is vital

Who are your customers? What do they want (think about their expectations)? Are they buying for them, or for someone else? Change your mind set and put yourself in the customer shoes, identify this and carry a strategy. Use Shopping insights and select key dates (Black Friday, Christmas) for 2023. Get insights on brands position better, best searches, which places they look it up and number of searches over time. With this, define your strategy.


Bid on terms related to these key dates this year (Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Christmas offers), you will get many more searches.

Search campaigns

According to the latest data, a significant percentage of consumers consider companies that personalize their ads. Therefore, your search ads should include seasonal keywords for Christmas or Black Friday 2023.

Remarketing or retargeting

Remember that conversion time may be extended during the festive season. Set your remarketing strategy accordingly. Try a remarketing audience of, for example, 30 days. In the Christmas season, shoppers often put their chosen items into the shopping cart and then don’t buy them. Remind them to complete the purchase using remarketing ads. Take full advantage of Google Ads setup and create a separate campaign for each audience.

Promo and discounts

Customer behavior during these seasonalities tends to buy promotions or discounts. Include these special offers in your ads. You can do this from our dashboard in the discount tab. (Show functionality, specify that they can select the date range for this promos). As there are several key dates, select the ranges for those specific dates to start and finish the promotion on time.

Display campaigns

Display ads can be very efficient if we arrange a good segmentation. Create attractive banners that call to action. Make sure they reflect the specific seasonality with the image and text. Make sure to use a significant CTA, like you do with other display campaigns.If you run them on time, try an A/B testing to see which banner is working better.


In 2022 51% traffic came from mobile during seasonality campaigns and 31% online sales revenue came from purchases made with mobile devices. Very important to optimize the view for mobile devices in particular. This is not only applicable for your page navigation but also for your ads and banners. 


Segment per language and geographic area, per country. Make sure to review if each important holiday has similar trends and peculiarities for those specific regions. For example thanksgiving is a holiday for USA and it is a different day for Canada. 

Smart shopping

To automate and optimize your google ads budget, use smart shopping ads. Smart shopping will create shopping ads + remarketing, will grab your merchant information and you will be creating the campaign, once you got that done Google will optimize the campaign.

Adapting to changes and paying attention to trends

It is important to mention that marketing strategies need to adapt to changes and trends in the market. Therefore, it is advisable to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends and adapt your strategies accordingly.

Google Updates

Also, keep in mind that Google Ads keeps updating and improving its features and algorithms, so it is important to stay on top of these changes to make the most of the platform.

Focus on digital marketing

This year, there is likely to be an increased focus on digital marketing due to increasing digitisation and changing consumer behaviour. Therefore, it is essential to plan and execute your marketing campaigns effectively to reach your target audience.



How will we help you for the holiday marketing season?

  • Keyword generation: we will generate keywords for your campaigns based on your product feed. Make sure to add Black Friday deals or Christmas promotions as relevant keywords after your special discounts.
  • Search campaigns: you can add specific keywords for search ads easily from our dashboard.
  • Promo and discounts: you will be able to add promos and discounts from our dashboard. Remember to select specific dates to start and finish the promo on time.
  • Display campaigns: we can create specific banners with your brand, all of them are 100% responsive.
  • Location: you will be able to target different target countries from our dashboard as well.
  • For more detail campaigns for the seasonality contact one of our account managers!

One last tip! 

For the Christmas season, there is an important fact that marketers could miss, and it is, pausing campaigns after the 25th of December. This a big mistake as the seasonality is not over. There are tons of potential customers that receive money as a gift that they will spend, usually, right away. Post Christmas promotions in the eCommerce sector keep growing each year, with a sales growth of approximately 15% each year.  

Too much to manage and not enough time or knowledge to carry this? Just ask for help! At Clever Ads we can help you get successful holiday campaigns. How? Install our app or plugin for your marketplace (Shopify, Woocommerce, Prestashop and Bigcommerce), complete 5 basic steps with information about your store, products and target customers, and our system will create campaigns for you. 

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