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The final checklist for your Christmas ads campaigns

With the “Most wonderful time of the year” there’s nothing better than starting to plan the steps for the 2023 Christmas ads campaign.

Due to the fact that online shopping continues to grow, this is a great time to plan campaigns for this festive season.

In this blog post, I will make a checklist that you should take into account before creating your Christmas Ads Campaigns as well as giving you some ideas so that you can make your Christmas Ads Campaigns more successful. Help yourself with these Seasonal Marketing tips and the download link of our free marketing calendar… Don’t miss any key date of the year!

Merry Christmas in advance!

5 First steps to carry out your Christmas campaigns:

Define your campaign goal

Set a sales target and review your campaigns from the previous year. Also check how customers find your business, in order to identify where your campaigns can be most successful.

Segment your audience…

Know your target audience. This way you will be able to target your campaigns to customers who are really interested in your product and thus, avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Create the perfect Christmas offer…

To attract new customers but also to retain those you already have. Think about discounts, gift cards, personalized packaging and don’t forget to put the free shipping on your website when the person exceeds the X value.

Decorate your online store

Your brand must be attractive so that it can differentiate itself from the others. If you need help with banners for your website try our Banner Creator. Through this tool, you can create your banners automatically or manually.

After having the promotions and the marketing strategy all defined in advance, it is time to prepare the copies and schedule the posts.

Invest in paid campaigns

Attract more people to your website and social networks and give visibility to your business! There are lots of ways to advertise online, it all comes down to your budget and your target audience.

If you have never tried it, it’s time to advertise your products through Google Ads and Microsoft Ads campaigns. If you are already thinking that Google or Microsoft are not your thing, before giving up, try to create your own Google Ads campaigns with our Google Ads Creator & Microsoft Ads Manager you won’t regret it!

Another tip is that if your budget is big and you already have some experience with online campaigns, try showing ads on several platforms, from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, TikTok Ads, LikedIn Ads… etc… Managing ads on various platforms is not easy, however, through applications such as our Ads Manager, you can have all your campaign metrics in one place, which will make your life easier, especially at this busy time of the year.

After Christmas

Although Christmas comes to an end at a certain point (like everything else), the shopping season does not stop on the same day. It is at this time when customers think about giving themselves one last treat and they usually take advantage of it because they take into account that it is a time when most stores start their sales period with a lot of interesting offers and it is the time when most people have some money left over available to spend.

Take advantage of this time to invest in launching new campaigns with your best offers and promotions.

Finally… The analysis

 The analysis of the results of your campaigns and sales is essential for you to understand what went well and what could have worked better. Although many people disregard this part, it is essential because it will help set goals and objectives for the next year – taking into account the results of the previous year, which will allow new campaigns to be more successful. No matter how well your ads have run this year, there is always room for improvement!

Now that you know the steps you should take to make your Christmas campaigns a success, here are…

5 Examples to inspire you

Example 1: Suzy Shier

For example the Suzy Shier store promotes this festive season with a “Gift Guide” collection in its upper navigation. This is a good way to give more visibility to those who browse your website looking for gifts as it facilitates the customer’s search for the perfect gift.

Note that they divided gift options into three categories: “less than $25″, “less than $50” and “more than $100”. According to Oberlo, in psychology, things grouped into three tend to be preferred by most. What’s interesting is that the middle item is usually an option that people tend to choose. Therefore, customers are more likely to buy in the section below $ 50. It is also easy to see that the difference between $50 and $100 is greater than the difference of $25 to $50, indicating that they intend to reach more people via the middle category.



Suzy Shier Christmas ads example1


Example 2-  Walgreens

On its website during this festive season, it facilitates customers’ work and presents the “Gifts of the Week” menu followed by ten gift guides. Each gift list is designed for a different target audience. The great advantage is that each customer can easily find the gifts taking into account each list and that they are 50% off which gives the sense of urgency and easily motivates the customer to buy.



Walgreens Christmas ads example2

Example 3 – NCLA Beauty

The NCLA Beauty brand included a link saying “Holiday” in the top navigation as a way to highlight this part. In addition to creating immense sets of beauty inspired by the festive seasons. They had the idea of ​​creating the “Mysterious Bags” with products for nails or lips, but the bag is totally opaque so the customer who buys it has no idea what will be inside. A good idea for a Christmas campaign.

If you look closely, this brand on the Holidays tab includes several products sold in sets and with great discounts. These sets are probably created with the aim to help sell stock that was not sold during the year and at the same time helps to increase the average value of each order.

Product sets are also a psychological trick as they make customers feel that they are doing a better business by purchasing more products in their purchases and usually leave the store feeling happy with the amount of things they have just purchased with a discount.



ncla beauty example


Example 4 – Carter’s

During the holiday season Carter’s decided to offer discounts of up to 70%. These types of big discounts are great to generate sales and to get rid of stock of less popular products. As the price of the products turns out to be much lower, it encourages customers to purchase more products which, if they were at the usual price, wouldn’t be purchased; thus, increasing the average order value.

Tip: start now to make the list of products so you can make big discounts and create your banners through our Banner Creator.


carter's christmas ads ex



Example 5- ModCloth

The online store ModCloth chose to place a prominent banner alluding to its Christmas campaigns and below 5 categories related to this festive season. This simple and organized way of arranging the categories on the website, as previously mentioned, helps the customers what they want quickly, whether they are animal lovers or just looking for a gift under $25 for a friend, for example.

It should be noted that this particular store also chose to sell several Christmas themed products such as sweaters, socks, among others, products that obviously gain greater demand at this time of the year. Another fact is that the free shipping offered for purchases over $45 is clearly visible on the top bar and the reference to easy returns which is something that sometimes leads customers to give up their purchase in fear of not being able to return the products, if they aren’t satisfied.

This is what the website looks like:


modcloth halloween promo ex


To finish:

Now that you know that planning a Christmas campaign must be done in advance and that you have a place to start, it is time to “roll up your sleeves” and start designing your Christmas campaign as this season can be an asset to your brand!

We leave all these tips in the form of an infographic/checklist for you to print and make it easier for you to see them all at a glance.


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