Make Your New Year’s Resolution to Improve Your Advertising

Make Your New Year’s Resolution to Improve Your Advertising

Start off the New Year with amazing marketing seasonal strategies for your holiday marketing sales that will allow your eCommerce to reach its full potential. Get these New Year advertising ideas for the last day of this year!

Just because it’s the New Year, doesn’t mean you have to be a new you, but there is always room for improvement. New Years is a great time to take a step back and examine what you have been doing well and what you can improve on. You don’t want to spend another year doing the same, boring stuff. Mix things up and get customers excited for the new things 2023 might bring! 

Here are some ideas and tips to make the most out of your New Year’s advertising campaigns.


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Keep up with trends, listen to what your customers want for your New Year advertising ideas!

The new year brings new things and people are itching to make improvements to their lives and switch things up, so why shouldn’t you? Now is a good time to start doing some exploratory research to find out deeper insights into consumer opinions, beliefs, and feelings to gain insight into decision problems and opportunities. 

Descriptive research is also helpful to see what customers want and need for the new year. Sending out a survey is the best way to do this. Be sure to ask clear, specific questions that allow customers to have some input into what they would like to see from your store in the future. A great incentive for taking the survey is a discount coupon or promo code to motivate customers to return and make another purchase. 

Let customers know you’re there to help with their resolutions.

The top New Year’s resolutions for 2022 were: weight loss, saving money, making new friends, finding love, and finding a new hobby. Even if your eCommerce does not specifically tailor to these resolutions, there are ways to help your customers out!

Create a yearly rewards program that helps customers save money while shopping on your site while also keeping them coming back. The best incentive for repeat customers is saving money or getting a special deal for doing so! 

Create landing pages that relate to resolutions. For example, if you are a clothing retailer, make a landing page for flirty date night outfits or party attire to attract those that want to make new friends or find love. This also works for those trying to find new hobbies by using products such as books, art supplies, outdoor gear for beginners, travel necessities, and much more. 

Keep a close eye on competitors.

Researching competitors is one of the best ways to find out what the strengths, opportunities, and weaknesses of your company are. Find out what works for other companies or new things they are implementing. You can learn from their techniques, modify them to fit your business, or develop brand new New Year campaign ideas to make sure you aren’t blending in too much with them. 

Find a fun way to interact with your customers to help celebrate the New Year.  

Engage with customers and keep them excited by promoting a special event, contest, or activity they can participate in. 

Start a New Year’s resolution contest to see who has the best one and reward the winner with a discount or special gift. This will engage customers and make them pay attention to your site after all the excitement of New Year’s is over. 

Take advantage of New Year’s social media posts. Have customers send in pictures of them celebrating the New Year, achieving their resolution, or keeping their life interesting post-holidays while using your products. Feature these photos on social media platforms to make customers feel important, recognized, and appreciated. 

Make the New Year the best one yet by following some of these New Year campaign ideas. Be sure to engage with customers, offer incentives to keep them coming back all year long, get to know your customers, give them what they want, and stay one step ahead of your competitors to identify market opportunities. 

And if you need more info about other special dates in the calendar to do seasonal marketing, download now and free our Marketing Calendar!

As always, if you need further tips or assistance, visit Clever Ads, where you can create an account and have a personal account manager update, customize, and enhance your ads!


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