Microsoft Advertising Tips & Tricks

Learn how to get the most out of Microsoft Ads… It’s not easy! Your budget, bidding settings, account structure, campaign types, keywords… We could go on and on. Get the best Microsoft Ads tips here!

Bing Marketing Guide

Bing marketing: how to set up a campaign? It doesn’t matter if you’re new when it comes to creating campaigns, know that it’s quick and easy to start advertising your business on Microsoft Advertising, formerly known as Bing Ads.  Just follow the next 6 steps: 1: Create a Bing Ads account  Go to the Microsoft […]

Bing news

Bing news: the new AI search engine that will change everything We all recently experienced the birth and takeoff of ChatGPT, a very powerful tool. After Bing’s press conference yesterday, we now know the new version of the search engine, which will use this technology to become the search engine of reference. Will these Bing […]

Microsoft Ads news

Microsoft Ads news for 2023 Did you know that the investment share of the Google + Meta duopoly is slowing down? According to a recent Insider Intelligence study, the dominance of these two immersive platforms is beginning to fade; the two companies combined, by 2023, will generate less than half of US digital advertising. This […]

MS Ads complete guide

MS Ads: what it is, how it works and its advantages Today, almost 95% of users who browse the Internet do so through Google, thus positioning it in the first place of the most used search engines. However, there are also Microsoft platforms, which have the remaining 5% of users, making them more skilled, valuable […]

Property Ads

Boost your Property Ads with Microsoft Advertising If you’ve ever had to create real estate advertising campaigns, you’ll know how time consuming it is to design something creative and eye-catching — but the hardest part of all is getting your ads displayed above the millions of other advertisers. In this post we tell you about […]

Advertising for hotels

Boost your hotel advertising strategy with Hotel Price Ads If you belong to the hotel industry or you manage the advertising campaigns of a client that belongs to this sector, pay attention to this post because what we are going to tell you will be of great interest. One of the latest innovations that Microsoft […]

Real estate advertising ideas

Real Estate Advertising Ideas to Make the Most of Every Campaign There is no doubt that today it is essential and necessary that your business has online advertising, regardless of the sector or how traditional are the advertising methods for it.  As it is well known, real estate advertising has always been located in traditional […]

Hotel advertising tips & tricks

Hotel advertising – All the options to advertise your business online Now that we’ve recovered a bit from the pandemic it’s a good time for hotel advertising and other hotel businesses; as we’ve seen, people are eager to get out of the house and start traveling in a big way again. What better time than […]

Bing Keyword Research Tool

Bing Keyword Research Tool: How to choose them. How should you choose the best keywords for your Bing Ads? How much should you bid for them? Our Bing Ads Keyword Planner will help you search and select your Bing keywords to build ad groups with good results. Bing Keyword Planner: Use guide It’s free. In […]

Google Ads Creator

Google Ads Creator

Have your Google Ads campaigns created by experts. Get your own Search, Display, Retargeting and Shopping Ads campaigns effortlessly. Attract people right when they are searching for your products on Google.

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Advertising a business or an online shop on Microsoft is not easy, is it? It is a little known search engine, but it can bring you considerable traffic to your website. That’s why at Clever Ads we want to help you with all our experience in Microsoft Advertising in this difficult and sometimes tedious task. Advertising on Microsoft has never been so easy!

In our Microsoft Advertising category blog you will find from tips and tricks for Microsoft Ads, to techniques, best practices, how-to tutorials, guides for Social Ads (Youtube Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads…etc) how to create and optimise your campaigns according to Microsoft’s policies and requirements… And much more! Stay tuned because every week (usually on Mondays) we publish a new article with very interesting information for marketers, designers, agencies and online business owners.


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