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Single’s Day Ads

Singles Day Ads – Don’t miss this sales opportunity! On November 11th, singles have a date with the eCommerce sector. Have you already thought about this key date for your Seasonal Marketing Sales actions? Prepare your Singles Day Ads now and take advantage of it! Single’s Day is a bank holiday that was born in […]

Advertising on TikTok guide

Advertising on TikTok – TikTok Ads for your business It is clear that the most popular social network among young people is here to stay. TikTok is already one of the main means of information and search for products and services among the Z generation, therefore, you have to invest in TikTok Ads to not […]

Prepare your eCommerce for Black Friday!

Save the date! Black Friday 2019 is Friday, November 29th. You don’t only need to save the date but also start preparing your ecommerce for it. It’s one of the busiest days of the year and if you want to take the maximum advantage out of it, you should plan ahead. Check also this retail calendar we created for retailers to avoid missing an important date.

TikTok Ads Manager guide

TikTok Ads Manager – Start advertising on TikTok TikTok Ads Manager Intro. Since it was launched in September 2016 in China, TikTok has grown into one of the most popular social media apps worldwide, being actually the most popular app in 2019 and 2020. Some key statistics you should know about TikTok are: TikTok is […]

Black Friday campaigns – Ad optimization guide

Black Friday campaigns optimization & tips Preparing your advertising campaigns and strategies for Black Friday marketing is not an easy task. It would be great to have a crystal ball predicting how you should plan your Black Friday campaigns for success.  While we cannot provide you with that magic, we can provide this Black Friday […]

Clever Ads MS Teams app review

Clever Ads MS Teams – Features, uses & benefits Microsoft Teams and similar collaborative software are a joy to use and have helped teams work together in a better and more organized way. For companies using Google Ads or agencies managing Google Ads accounts for their clients, these platforms are usually the best way to […]

Google Merchant Center feed & Shopify API

How to disconnect your Google Merchant Center feed from Shopify API The first thing to know is that all apps which “create” a Google Shopping feed actually do not create any new Shopping feed at all. Rather, these apps share a unique Shopping feed provided by Google — and they all make the changes to […]

Halloween marketing ideas

3 Halloween marketing ideas – Boost your campaigns! The scariest date of the year is coming soon and less than a month away you might want to plan your marketing strategy for such an important date in terms of sales. Due to the Coronavirus we have had two years of exponential growth in online sales, […]

Slack vs Microsoft Teams

Slack vs Microsoft Teams – Which One is the Best for Your Business? Now that remote working is more present than ever, teams are obliged to adopt the use and contract of collaboration tools that will make remote working successful and easy to maintain. Good and effective communication is the top priority of remote or […]

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