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Microsoft Ads news

Microsoft Ads news for 2023 Did you know that the investment share of the Google + Meta duopoly is slowing down? According to a recent Insider Intelligence study, the dominance of these two immersive platforms is beginning to fade; the two companies combined, by 2023, will generate less than half of US digital advertising. This […]

Valentine’s Day Ads

How to make the best Valentine’s Day ads The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner and you’ll want to make sure your online advertising campaigns are up to par with your customers’ needs on this special day. It’s time to start boosting your Valentine’s Day campaigns, because the reality is […]

Web Design Trends 2023

Web Design Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2023 The non-stop progress of the way we design websites is hardly surprising, given that new web design trends always emerge every year. Discover the top 7 web design trends for 2023 and make your website more appealing! 1- Animated product reveals Animations play an increasingly […]

MS Ads complete guide

MS Ads: what it is, how it works and its advantages Today, almost 95% of users who browse the Internet do so through Google, thus positioning it in the first place of the most used search engines. However, there are also Microsoft platforms, which have the remaining 5% of users, making them more skilled, valuable […]

Google Ads News

Google Ads News 2022- 2023 Google is constantly releasing new advertising improvements, features and updates. If you don’t want to miss any opportunity that you could benefit from for your business this 2023 you can’t miss this post. We will analyze everything that has happened during the past year and everything that is planned (although […]

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends for 2023 Whether you sell products or services, digital marketing trends are something you can’t ignore. These will only become more relevant as the year progresses and fall arrives, with holiday sales and other key dates such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The pandemic seems to have finally passed, but there […]

Marketing Calendar

Marketing Calendar: FREE download! The seasonality is something to keep in mind when developing and promoting our marketing strategies and advertising campaigns, both online and offline. Don’t know where to start? Don’t panic! Download our free Marketing Calendar now. What does this Marketing Calendar consist of? It is always advisable to draw up a calendar […]

Property Ads

Boost your Property Ads with Microsoft Advertising If you’ve ever had to create real estate advertising campaigns, you’ll know how time consuming it is to design something creative and eye-catching — but the hardest part of all is getting your ads displayed above the millions of other advertisers. In this post we tell you about […]

Advertising for hotels

Boost your hotel advertising strategy with Hotel Price Ads If you belong to the hotel industry or you manage the advertising campaigns of a client that belongs to this sector, pay attention to this post because what we are going to tell you will be of great interest. One of the latest innovations that Microsoft […]

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Google Ads Creator

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