Summer Campaigns on Google Ads

Summer Campaigns on Google Ads – 6 Tricks to Get the Most Out of Them

Do you want to take advantage of your summer campaigns in Google Ads? Every year at this time we have to push and make an effort to redesign for the summer. Despite having overcome the pandemic caused by COVID-19, today we have to be just as cautious as we know what can happen again, although vaccines have given our daily lives greater security and confidence.

Be more dynamic and intelligent and orient everything to possible new changes.

It’s important to know what to do to get the most out of the tools you use when running your campaigns. To boost your summer campaigns on Google Ads this year, we bring you these 6 super useful tips!

Tip 1: not everything consists of search campaigns

Summer is a good time to test and experiment. We should focus not only on search campaigns related to the summer, but we recommend making, for these specific campaigns, Display or video campaigns. It’s time to get into the video-marketing trend and create a strategy to grow your YouTube channel and drive traffic to your website.  In this way, we generate branding or brand awareness and in September, for example, we can use remarketing to impact those users who have visited our website during the summer campaign. 

Registration for the new school year opens from August to September depending on the country… Why not make summer campaigns in video format for the start of school? Back-to-school material… etc. Besides, after the strange times we have been living through, we are all grateful to be back to normality. This summer we will be able to enjoy ourselves as we did before, without masks or restrictions. Take advantage of this feeling of freedom in your Display summer campaigns. 

And why not also take advantage of those who have watched the video or clicked on your banner during the summer campaigns for remarketing in August/September? 

By using the right attribution model, you can find out how they went through the buying process.

display network screenshot opt
Google Ads Display Network: is a collection of more than two million websites, apps and videos where your Google ads can appear. The Display Network websites reach more than 90% of Internet users worldwide.


Tip 2: there is no need to be in the tourism sector, just think of summer deals!

Summer is an ideal time to offer discounts, benefits and special advantages in our campaigns.

Add a promotional extension to the ads in your summer campaigns in order to highlight your special offers and attract the attention of your potential customers. Remember that you have to create this type of extension within 6 months of the start date to be eligible.

There are certain sectors that benefit directly from “summer”, such as travel and tourism, but just because you don’t belong to this sector doesn’t mean you can’t increase your sales.

Some ideas…

  • Courses: take the opportunity to promote your intensive courses, language classes, summer seminars, etc., or offer discounts for August/September.
  • Product stores (online): it’s simple, isn’t it? Advertise discounts or offer perks like eliminating shipping costs or handing out an additional gift on products that scream “summer”. For example, buy an affordable deal on sunscreen and give away a small sample bottle with every purchase during July and August.
  • Online bookstores: discounts on travel guides, children’s books… suggest reading material and have a special offer ready for them, imagination rules!


use your imagination


Tip 3: increase bidding settings for mobile devices

It’s summer and everyone is going on vacation. Keep in mind that when people spend more time in the mountains or on the beach, they don’t have a computer to connect to the Internet and mobile devices are used more to look for consultations and activities, make reservations in restaurants and pubs and, of course, to buy products!

Take advantage of these months to gain visibility with your summer campaigns on mobiles and tablets by increasing bids on these devices. 

Also, keep in mind the different ramifications you can make. People will also use their phones because during the summer – with the vacations and the heat – no one seems to have the energy to get up and turn on their computer, but (be careful!) your bids, in this case, must be different from those aimed at people traveling in their country and the lucky ones who this year will be able to travel abroad, so you have to adapt to the different summer campaigns. 

Conclusion: increase the number of July offers for mobile devices in your summer campaigns.

device bid adjustment
As you can see, the adjustment of bids by device allows segmentation, not only between mobile and desktop, but also takes tablets into account!

Tip 4: take advantage of work-from-home

With telecommuting, the increase of online orders to home and office pickup has been a reality. Given this, investing in a Click and Collect service… can be a wise move! People have meetings, calls… And they can’t answer the door during business hours, but they can, on a break, come down to pick up their package. Click and Collect sales offer the convenience of online shopping, quick store visits and zero shipping charges. The value of this shopping model is projected to reach 140 billion by 2024.

In addition, before developing your various summer campaigns, you should do good keyword research for your niche and get ahead of the changing season. Improve your current keywords and use those trending search terms with high search engine volume. 

Then just add them to your ad campaign copy to drive traffic to your online store and align users’ search intent with the specific product page in the most appropriate way possible.

Tip 5: you bid by the hour of the day

Believe it or not, users behave differently depending on the season due to daylight hours, and in summer it gets dark later than in winter. 

As there are more daylight hours, we spend more time out of the house, so fewer searches are performed.  It is normal for users to perform more searches at times when they are at home or more relaxed, so take advantage of your summer campaigns to increase bids during the central hours of the day (lunchtime, snack time, etc.), early morning or late evening. During the cooler hours, people are out and about!

Tip 6: use your creativity!

We just said it in one of the previous points. The more imaginative and original your summer campaigns are, the more buyers you will attract. Take advantage of summer campaigns to give a different touch to your Google ads. This way, you will stand out from the competition and attract more attention. It is clear that this type of action is not possible for all sectors, for example in B2B (Business to Business) is somewhat more complicated, but in B2C (Business to Consumer) you can try to capture the attention of your users with texts that make reference to the summer. Still, even if it is complicated, think about it! There are always ways to differentiate yourself, find your niche and stand out.

Keep browsing our blog and you will find very useful and interesting information about marketing in the different stages of the year, and don’t miss out on downloading our free marketing calendar so you don’t miss anything.


summer campaigns infographic




  1. I love this post! It has great ideas to help get ready for summer. My favorite tip is taking advantage of the weather! As a customer, I know that if I’m walking by a store, I’m more likely to browse if there are things set up outside to draw me in. What a great idea 🙂

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