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Halloween marketing ideas

3 Halloween marketing ideas – Boost your campaigns! The scariest date of the year is approaching and with less than a month to go you may want to plan your marketing strategy for Halloween… It’s a very important date for sales! Due to the Coronavirus, we have had several years of exponential growth in online […]

Social Commerce Guide

Social commerce: how to advertise on social media In this digital age, the way we shop and interact with brands is constantly evolving. One of the most significant shifts in recent years has been the rise of social commerce. Gone are the days when eCommerce platforms were the sole destination for online shopping. So if […]

A successful Black Friday: the key to a successful holiday season

Black Friday: facts, keys, tips & forecasts Black Friday remains one of the most anticipated shopping events of the year, and in 2023 it is expected to continue to set a milestone in both online and offline retail sales. Here’s an update with recent data, key trends and strategies to make the most of this […]

Bing Shopping Campaigns Hacks

Bing Shopping Campaigns: hacks & tricks to boost your Microsoft Ads In the exciting world of digital marketing, making the most of the opportunities provided by advertising platforms is essential to stand out during key seasons, such as holidays and other high-consumption moments. Microsoft Advertising offers a powerful tool for retailers: Bing Shopping Campaigns. In […]

Halloween advertising strategy

Halloween advertising strategy – Spooktacular campaigns! It’s that exciting time of year again! It’s time to carve pumpkins, let the zombies roam and have users prepare their best screams, because Halloween is just around the corner! Let’s put a twist on your Halloween marketing strategy with fresh facts and stats from this year. Halloween, a […]

Twitter Advertising Guide

Unlocking the Power of Twitter Advertising: A Comprehensive Guide Home to over 500 million users globally, Twitter is the number 1 platform for discovery of new information and for businesses, a top 10 platform for social media advertising. While 53% of Twitter users are “more likely to be the first to buy new products”, 79% […]

Google Shopping Discounts Guide

How to Find and Use Google Shopping Discounts If you have an online store and you are selling physical products, you probably know what Google Shopping is. In case you do not know and making a quick summary, it is a type of advertising campaigns that appear at the top of the Google search engine […]

Marketing ideas for the fall season

Marketing ideas for your fall season campaigns The end of summer is rapidly approaching us, bringing the very important season of autumn.Change of weather, change of schedules, and new key dates to worry about such as Halloween, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. How does one take advantage of all of this? In this post we’ll […]

Microsoft Audience Ads Best Practices

Microsoft Audience Ads: how can you improve your campaigns? In the world of digital marketing, the effectiveness of an advertising campaign is measured by its ability to reach the target audience accurately and generate tangible results. One of the platforms that offers unique opportunities to achieve this goal is Microsoft Audience Network. In this article, […]

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