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Summer Marketing ideas for your advertising: get ready for vacations

Summer is here! With its vibrant energy and longer days, we are seeing a surge in online sales, thanks to the pandemic normalizing Internet sales, a trend that is here to stay. Thus, we must direct our efforts towards new ideas for summer campaigns. What’s the best approach for this year’s summer advertising? Check out these marketing ideas for the upcoming season.

Heat up your sales!

We will focus on why you should adapt your online marketing strategy to the summer season, which social networks and types of ads are best for doing so, and we will give you some examples of brands that run specific campaigns for the summer.

Summer Advertising: Why should I adapt my campaigns?

There are many reasons why you should consider seasonality when running advertising campaigns. In summer, it has been shown that…

  • There is more free time, which increases the chances of closing sales.
  • Consumption habits and outdoor activities increase.
  • There is greater visibility on social networks combined with more free time.
  • There are opportunities to improve brand image and digital reputation.

Keys to designing a good digital strategy for summer

When creating a new plan and strategy, you must first consider the objectives and then plan how we intend to achieve them.

Things to consider in your summer advertising…

  • Mobile Content: The use of smartphones increases during this season, so it is a good idea to create content that is easily consumable on these devices.
  • Automation: Automate and schedule the actions you are going to publish; it will help you save time to focus on more important things.
  • Interactive Content: Publish interactive, fun, and generally more entertaining content. It is a good time to do things like contests and giveaways.
  • Frequency of Posts: Increase or maintain the frequency of your posts.
  • Adjustment of Schedules: Adjust the timing of your posts to the daily rhythm of your target audience (sleep schedule/mealtimes/internet browsing hours).
  • Constant Customer Service: You are likely to travel or spend some hours away from home yourself. That is why it is important that you have all the applications you need on your mobile to continue serving your users. Do not neglect customer service!

Most Suitable Social Networks for Your Strategy:

Which social networks must you definitely be present on?


This social network adapts excellently to seasonal advertising, an ideal place for your brand during these months, as your audience will post photos of their vacations or weekend getaways (beach, mountains, pool, etc.). Be part of those photos and you will have a domino effect for your business. Advertising on Instagram is essential.


This network is used less in the summer, but it is better not to neglect any channel. Take advantage of this time of lower traffic to post entertaining, relaxing, or playful things, instead of a traditional business-related topic.


Some businesses do not fit with the format of Instagram, so we continue with Facebook; if that’s where your audience is, it’s your best option. Just like with LinkedIn, prepare fun and dynamic summer advertising content that excites your audience. To be successful in Facebook marketing, you need to plan the type of content you will post and get your audience to interact with it. Once you have done this, start creating the content and schedule Facebook posts to be published on specific days and times. From here, you will need to analyze the performance of your posts to see what is working and what is not. This will help you continually improve your Facebook marketing strategy.


Twitter remains the fastest and most accessible news channel, despite fluctuations and small setbacks due to its recent corporate decisions. It is common to hear that many of its users claim to be up-to-date with the latest news worldwide. Therefore, it makes sense to think that when they are on vacation, it will be a frequently used social network.


This platform is crucial for capturing a young and active audience during the summer. It is perfect for sharing short, creative videos that can quickly go viral. TikTok ads are already a reality, and they bring many benefits!


Being the second largest search engine after Google, YouTube is crucial for brands that benefit from product demonstrations, tutorials, and other forms of long-format video content.


Although more niche, Pinterest is very valuable for brands related to interior design, fashion, DIY, and event planning. It is an excellent platform for driving traffic to blogs and online stores.


Each platform offers unique tools and opportunities to interact with different segments of the public, and being present on multiple networks allows brands to diversify your digital marketing strategy. It is important to continually evaluate the effectiveness of each platform for your brand and adjust the strategy according to the results and changes in consumer behavior.

Recommended Type of Content

Although the goal is to sell, it is important to know that more generic content is also essential. What content is in vogue for your summer advertising?


With the emergence of more free time and relaxation, whether by a pool or on a couch, podcasts are increasingly used. If you can promote your product through a particular podcast of interest, this can undoubtedly have a positive impact. Podcasts are an excellent tool for brands looking to establish a deeper connection with their audience and provide value in a more personal and intimate way. Here are some ways that podcasts can be particularly useful for an ecommerce during the summer. They are not only a platform for sharing content but also a powerful tool for marketing, education, and building a loyal community around your brand, making them especially valuable for an eCommerce looking to grow and connect meaningfully with its audience during the summer and beyond.

Creative Images/Photos

This is probably the easiest way to develop more playful or relaxed content. If you are not one to use videos, this is a good alternative to keep your community engaged with your profiles throughout your summer advertising.

  • Influencers: leverage the power of influential personalities on social networks like TikTok or Instagram, and your sales will soar. Have you seen how viral the spanish promo for the new Grefusa lentil-flavored sunflower seeds has become by collaborating with influencers @planesbrutales?


grefusa planesbrutales pipas lenteja



Videos are a great way to present your content in an easy and accessible way. With the summer months comes a time of interest in formats like this.

  • Short Format: On networks like TikTok or Instagram, you can present short, fresh, and fun content aimed at younger audiences. Collaborative videos with influencers promoting products work very well.
  • Long Format: In this case, as we have already mentioned, we recommend YouTube, where you can also perform collaborations with influencers, like reviews, unboxings, tutorials… There are many trendy options!

Blog Posts

It is best not to abandon the blog during these months and to periodically update it with new and interesting content, even if less frequently than the rest of the year. Summer is a time when many people are looking for inspiration for their summer activities and have more free time to explore online content. Here are some strategies to keep your blog vibrant and attractive during the summer months:

  • Content Planning: Create an editorial calendar that reflects relevant themes for the summer. This can include content on travel, outdoor activities, summer lifestyle tips, seasonal recipes, and more. Ensure the topics are appealing to your audience and align with your products or services.
  • Thematic and Seasonal Content: Take advantage of specific summer events such as festivals, national holidays, or sports events to create thematic content that resonates with what’s happening at that moment. For example, guides on how to enjoy a music festival, or tips to stay cool during a heatwave.
  • Post Series: Consider launching a series of posts that unfold throughout the summer. This can generate anticipation and keep readers coming back for more. Series can be step-by-step tutorials, travel diaries, or weekly profiles of interesting characters or places to visit.
  • Collaborations with Guests: Invite bloggers or influencers in your industry to contribute posts to your blog and/or podcast. This not only brings fresh perspectives and content but can also help draw the guest’s audience to your blog.
  • Reader Interaction and Participation: Encourage interaction through contests, surveys, or comment requests. For example, you could ask readers to share their own stories or photos related to the summer theme, and then highlight some of these contributions on your blog.
  • Mobile and Social Media Optimization: Make sure your blog is optimized for mobile devices, as many people access online content through their phones, especially during the summer when they are out and about. Also, integrate social sharing facilities to maximize the visibility of your posts.
  • Evergreen and Recycled Content: Reuse or update your most popular posts from previous summers with new information or a fresh approach. This can provide valuable content without the need to start from scratch.
  • Use of Multimedia: Integrate visual elements such as photos, videos, and graphics to make posts more appealing. This is particularly effective for summer-related topics, where images and videos can capture the essence of the season.
  • Summer Newsletters: Use your blog to fuel a special summer newsletter, keeping your subscribers informed about the latest posts and offering them exclusive content.

Implementing these strategies will not only keep your blog active during the summer but also enhance engagement with your audience and strengthen your online presence at a key time of the year.

Other Types of Content…

  • Educational and Valuable Content: Offer guides and tips related to seasonal products. For example, if you sell beauty products, you could create content about summer skin care or water-resistant makeup.
  • Customer Stories and Testimonials: Share real customer experiences using your products in summer activities. This not only humanizes your brand but also provides social proof that can encourage purchases.
  • Blog Posts: Write articles related to the summer that can organically include your products. Topics like “Essentials for a Beach Day” or “How to Choose the Perfect Gear for Your Summer Vacation” can be very appealing.
  • Demonstration Videos: Use videos to show how your products can be used in the summer. For example, demonstrations of how to use a new barbecue, set up a tent, or apply sunscreen from your line.
  • Interactive Content on Social Networks: Conduct surveys, contests, or summer-themed challenges that encourage user participation and brand visibility. For example, a summer photo contest where customers show your products in use.
  • Infographics and Visual Posts: Create educational or entertaining infographics on summer topics, such as summer travel statistics, heat safety tips, etc.
  • Special Offers and Seasonal Promotions: Announce special discounts, limited-time offers, or summer-themed product bundles. Make sure to highlight the urgency and exclusivity of these offers.
  • Augmented Reality Content: If possible, implement augmented reality features that allow users to see how your products would look in a real environment, like seeing how a set of garden furniture fits in their own outdoor space.
  • Thematic Newsletters: Send newsletters focused on the summer, with content that includes all of the above, plus exclusive updates for subscribers or early access to new product lines.

eCommerce That Made a Specific Strategy for Summer Advertising

Let’s look at some examples of innovative summer campaigns:

Ikea’s “Catalog on Pinterest”

The revolutionary new catalog that the famous Swedish furniture brand Ikea developed on Pinterest, a very original and attractive idea.


summer marketing ideas




“Twix Meltdown” Campaign

A very sweet campaign, as the company offered a device that allowed you to mix coffee with a Twix bar, giving it a very sweet flavor. You could get it through Instagram.


summer marketing ideas


Domino’s Pizza Loyalty Campaign

Domino’s created a loyalty program in which you accumulated points for every pizza you scanned in their app, and you could access exclusive discounts and promotions.


summer marketing ideas

“Share a Coke” Campaign

This was a great success in which Coca-Cola personalized the labels of their bottles with popular names. The campaign encouraged people to look for bottles with their names or those of their friends and share photos on social media. During the summer, the campaign expanded to include the names of holiday destinations, making people feel more connected during the travel season.


coca-cola marketing campaign


Nike – “Find Your Greatness”

Launched during the Summer Olympics, this Nike campaign showcased people from around the world pushing their personal limits. The campaign was inspiring and encouraged individuals to find their own greatness, regardless of their skill level or sport discipline.


find your greatness nike campaign


Airbnb – “Live There”

During the summer, Airbnb launched the “Live There” campaign aimed at encouraging travelers to live like locals. The campaign used videos and ads that showed families and friends enjoying authentic experiences in destinations around the world, which resonates particularly well during the summer when more people travel.


airbnb live there campaign


Budweiser – “America”

In a particular summer, Budweiser renamed its beers as “America” and redesigned its cans to include patriotic phrases and American symbols. The campaign coincided with the United States Independence Day and the Summer Olympics, capitalizing on a sense of patriotism during these events.


america budweiser campaign


Spotify “Your Summer Rewind”

Every summer, Spotify offers a personalized playlist titled “Your Summer Rewind,” which includes songs that users listened to in past summers. This nostalgia-driven campaign motivates users to reminisce about previous summers while enjoying their favorite music, increasing engagement with the platform.


spotify summer rewind


Old Spice – “Smell Ready for Anything”

Old Spice launched a summer campaign featuring humorous and surreal advertisements to promote its line of men’s personal care products. The commercials, which typically showcase extravagant transformations after using the products, target a young audience and are ideal for going viral on social media.

old spice marketing campaign


Until next time!

We hope that with these fantastic ideas for your summer advertising, you can find customer satisfaction and boost your web traffic so that this summer… it’s not just the temperature that rises!

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