Summer Marketing Ideas for your Summer Campaigns

Marketing ideas for your summer advertising: get ready for vacations

Summer is here! In all its heat and splendour, it is facing a wave of change as we have gradually managed to emerge from the pandemic, so we need to turn our efforts towards new ideas for summer campaigns. What is the best approach to summer advertising in this new phase? Check out these marketing ideas for the season ahead.

Heat your sales up!

We’ll focus on why you should adapt your online marketing strategy to the summer season, which social networks and types of ads are the best to do this, and we’ll give examples of brands that make specific campaigns for the summer.

Summer advertising, why should I adapt my campaigns?

There are many reasons why you must take seasonality into account when running advertising campaigns. In the summer, it has been proven that…

  • There’s more free time to close deals.
  • Consumer habits are on the rise.
  • There’s an increase in your visibility thanks to social networks.
  • There’s improvement to your branding and digital reputation.
  • You’ll need to prepare your online marketing strategy for the new season.

Keys to designing a good digital strategy for summer

When creating a new plan and strategy, you have to lay out your goals and plot how to achieve them.

Things to consider in your summer advertising…

  • Smartphone usage is booming in the summer season, so it’s a good idea to create easily consumable content for these devices.
  • Automate and schedule the actions you are going to publish, it will help you save time to focus on other things.
  • Publish interactive, funny and overall more entertaining content. It’s a great time to do things like contests and raffles.
  • Increase or maintain the frequency of your publications.
  • Adjust the schedule of your publications to the daily rhythm of your target audience (sleep schedule/eating times/internet browsing times).
  • You’ll probably spend a few hours away from home yourself. That’s why it’s important that you carry all the apps you need to continue serving your customers and potential customers on your mobile phone. Don’t neglect customer service!

Social networks best suited to your strategy: 


This social media network pairs well with the excellence of summer. It’s a great place for your branding during these months, as your audience will upload photos of their vacations or weekend breaks (beach, mountain, swimming pool, etc.). Be a part of those photos and it will have a ripple effect for your business. 


This network is used less often in the summer, but it’s best to never neglect any channels. Take this opportunity of lower turnout to publish entertaining, relaxing or playful things. Instead of a traditional business-related theme.


Some businesses don’t fit with the format of Instagram, so continuing with Facebook (if that’s where your audience is) is your best bet. 

Same as you would with LinkedIn, prepare fun and energized content that will get your audience excited.  To be successful in Facebook marketing, you’d need to plan out what type of content to post that your audience will engage with. Once you are done with that, you start creating the content and schedule the Facebook posts to be published on specific days and times. From here, you’d need to analyze the performance of your posts to see what’s working and not. This will help you to constantly improve the Facebook marketing strategy.


Twitter is still the fastest and most available news channel. It’s common to hear that many of its users claim to be up to date with the latest news around the world. Therefore, it’s  logical to think that when they are on vacation it will be a frequently used social media network. 

Type of content recommended 

Although the goal is to sell, you must realize that general content is essential. What content is best suited for your summer advertising?


With the onset of more free time and relaxation, whether it be in a pool or on the couch, podcasts are being used more and more. If you are able to advertise your product through a certain podcast of interest, it can certainly have a positive impact.  

Creative images/photos

This is probably the easiest way to make more playful or relaxed content. If you aren’t one to use videos, this a good alternative to keep your community hooked on your profiles throughout the summer.


Videos are a great way of presenting your content in an easy and accessible way. With the summer months comes a time of interest towards media such as this. 

Blog posts

It’s best to not abandon your blog during these months and periodically update it with new and exciting content. 

eCommerce that made a specific strategy for summer advertising

Ikea campaign: the new revolutionary catalog that was developed on Pinterest, a very original and attractive idea.

summer marketing ideas

“Twix Meltdown” campaign: a very sweet campaign as the company offered a device that allowed you to mix coffee with a Twix bar, which gave it a very sweet taste. You could get it through Instagram.

summer marketing ideas

Domino’s campaign: Domino’s created a loyalty program in which you accumulated points for each pizza you scanned in their app and could access discounts and exclusive promotions. 

summer marketing ideas

To Finish… 

We hope that with these fantastic ideas for your summer advertising you can find the satisfaction of your customers and a boost in your web traffic so that this summer will not only raise the temperature!

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