seasonal marketing ideas for carnival campaigns

Kick off your Seasonal Marketing Ideas and Carnival Ads

Carnival is approaching and it’s time to kick off your holiday marketing ideas for your campaigns for it. Carnival is a time for people to let go and indulge before making a sacrifice for Lent, and this year with all that has happened with the coronavirus, even more so! The accumulation of people and the big parties are not recommended, so we recommend thinking of a different carnival, on a small scale and more familiar, with close friends and loved ones. There is no reason to give up!

This is a great time to let consumers know that your products or services are perfect to indulge in with a special Carnival campaign. As we said previously, we will have to try to power the particularities of 2020 and 2021, a year at least, strange and in which all the festivities have had to be changed up a bit.

You should always plan your marketing activities ahead of each holiday season if you aim for them to be successful.

In the following post, we will offer some ideas and inspiration that you can use for your ecommerce this Carnival season this 2021.

What is seasonal marketing and why is it so important?

  • Seasonal marketing is about emphasizing holidays or events that are relevant to your store and customers.
  • It’s used to let consumers know you can provide them with a certain product or service during a time frame when they need it most.
  • It’s quite important to modify your advertisements in order to fit the holiday being celebrated. And also, as we said, we must take into account the particularities of each year, period or sector of our audience that we are addressing.

For this reason, staying up to date is very important when trying to make the most of your advertising campaigns and generating sales.

Read more about in our article: Understanding Ecommerce Seasonality and Identifying Niche Based Seasonal Events.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! Clever ecommerce has some ideas to help your ecommerce succeed during this special Carnival!

Use landing pages

If you believe that your store offers products that consumers would be especially interested in during Carnival, use a dedicated landing page to direct your customers to those items!

  • The internet is a vast arena that offers nearly anything you can think of. Consumers can easily get lost and overwhelmed, so make it simple for customers to find the products they need from your store.
  • User experience is immensely important, and you will want your website’s visitors to be able to explore your online store and easily find whatever they are looking for.
  • Use banners and display ads that link to a landing page that has seasonal items pertaining to Carnival. Name it “Carnival Essentials” or “Shop Everything You Need for Carnival” to make it specific for the holiday your customers are shopping for.
  • We insist that this year, unfortunately, is special due to COVID-19. Find out how to take advantage of this in your landing pages… Perhaps add a notice in all your pages that your products will be sterilized and that the shipment can be without direct contact between the delivery person and the customer. Maybe include a policy of measures against COVID-19 in your landing pages? Give away hand sanitizer and a mask with each purchase? Add some fun to the problem!

By doing so, you should also aim for a high quality score on your Google Ads to ensure high relevance between your ads and landing pages.

Update the collections in your advertisements

It is important to announce the collections that are particularly relevant to the seasonal campaigns being carried out. Throughout the year, you could announce collections that customers can use throughout the year, or, this year, with the whole pandemic theme, focus on related/complementary products. What about Carnival face masks? Not only can they be worn in February, but all year round if they are pretty. 

However, during Carnival, advertise the collections that customers will use during this special occasion.

These can be collections such as costumes, decorations or party essentials. Use your Marketing ideas to make your collections stick out by customizing your ads for the Carnival season. And, as we said before, this special carnival will take place in “petit comite”, in the gardens of the houses and with a smaller capacity in the pubs or discos that remain open.

Offer creative ideas customers can do with your products!

If your products don’t exactly relate to Carnival, no worries! There is always a creative way to associate your business with the holiday.

Show customers how they can fit your products into their celebrations. and even more so this year… Have you written down the idea about the carnival face masks? 

Another example can be, if your store specializes in items for a kitchen, provide a recipe for a fun drink to make in the glasses you sell.

Give instructions on how to make a colorful centerpiece to compliment one of your tables, create recipes for meals to make with a kitchen appliance you want to promote, the possibilities are endless!

All you need is a creative spirit and inspiration… Have you looked at Pinterest?

Use promotion extensions

Promotion extensions are a great compliment to seasonal marketing because consumers are usually more inclined to buy things around important times of the year. So why not make your store even more enticing with a promotion!

Using promotion extensions are a great way to increase your sales. They make your sales promotions stand out to consumers who are looking for deals and make them feel a little less guilty about their indulgences.

Adding these extensions to your seasonal marketing campaigns is free of charge. All you have to pay for is the clicks they will bring in, which leads us to our next point.

Get more info about the promotion extensions.


promotion extension example


Increase your Daily Spend to Optimize your Seasonal Marketing Ideas

While Google will adjust your daily spend on days with higher traffic to ensure that your ads are getting the maximum amount of views, you should definitely consider increasing your daily budget regardless.

Holidays give consumers the perfect excuse to make purchases, and more so now that online shopping has skyrocketed due to the fear of covid contagion in the physical store. so why not take the opportunity to increase your daily spend and maximize your ROI.

Carnival is the perfect time to increase your daily budget so more customers can see your ads before some give up shopping for Lent.

If your advertising budget is lower than it should be, you will be missing out on financial gain. This means that your ads will stop showing when customers are looking for your products on Google, which should be avoided at all cost. 

Track how well your campaigns are doing

It’s crucial to stay on top of how your advertisements are doing in order to modify them for the future.

This is especially important to do for seasonal marketing because you have a short amount of time to get it right! Look back at your analytics from past campaigns, see what worked and what didn’t, then go from there.

If you see spikes in sales or increases in clicks at certain times, see what you were doing and try to match it for the upcoming holiday!

There is no point investing time and money in digital marketing activities if you neglect the analytics. One of the biggest benefits that digital marketing can offer is its detailed analytics.

Use this to your benefit and learn more about your customers, and see how your ads are performing. This will help you to invest your money and eventually increase your Return on investment.

Now that you have these tips and ideas in mind. It’s time to take your Google Ads to the next level! If you don’t want to miss any holidays or special events, use our marketing calendar to keep you in the loop.

Make sure you don’t forget that creativity, imagination and planning. They are key factors to successful seasonal marketing campaigns.

There’s no better way to celebrate Carnival than with great ads that will help increase your sales!


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