Google Advertising Tips & Tricks

Knowing how to get the most out of Google Ads isn’t easy. Budgets, campaign types, adjustment of bids, the structure of your account, keywords, the list goes on. The options are seemingly endless! The best Google Ads Tips here!

What is Google Shopping?

Learn about Google Shopping & how it can boost your sales Surely if you are here, it’s because you already have an eCommerce or you are interested in the world of eCommerce ads. Either way, you most likely know about Google Shopping but… Do you really know all the details? In this post we describe what […]

Google Ads News

Google Ads News 2022- 2023 Google is constantly releasing new advertising improvements, features and updates. If you don’t want to miss any opportunity that you could benefit from for your business this 2023 you can’t miss this post. We will analyze everything that has happened during the past year and everything that is planned (although […]

Christmas marketing: prepare your eCommerce

Christmas marketing – How to prepare your eCommerce for Xmas shopping Just like with brick-and-mortar businesses, eCommerce stores have to do the necessary preparations for Christmas shopping. The holiday season is the most profitable time of the year for many businesses, so it’s vital that you take steps to take advantage of increased spending while […]

Holiday marketing strategies: 10 Google Ads must do’s

Top 10 Google Ads holiday marketing strategies Getting your campaigns ready for the holidays requires time, and the earlier you start preparing and optimizing your Google Ads campaigns for the holiday season, the better. Good timing is essential when it comes to managing your Google Ads seasonal marketing campaigns to ensure effective results. Boosting your […]

Christmas ads – Iconic campaigns & ideas!

The final checklist for your Christmas ads campaigns With the “Most wonderful time of the year” there’s nothing better than starting to plan the steps for the 2022 Christmas ads campaign. Bearing in mind that online shopping continues to increase, as was the case in 2020, this is a good time to effectively plan campaigns […]

Google Merchant Center feed & Shopify API

How to disconnect your Google Merchant Center feed from Shopify API The first thing to know is that all apps which “create” a Google Shopping feed actually do not create any new Shopping feed at all. Rather, these apps share a unique Shopping feed provided by Google — and they all make the changes to […]

Connect Google Ads & Microsoft Teams

Connect Google Ads & Microsoft Teams – Integration in 2 minutes! Learn in this post how yo connect Google Ads and Microsoft Teams in only some steps and less than 5 minutes. Introduction to MS Teams Microsoft Teams is a communication tool for teams meant to facilitate collaboration and improve productivity. MS Teams chat offers […]

Display Ads guide

Display Ads: all you need to know Display ads are image and video ads shown to people as they browse websites, apps, and social media. They are one of the best ways to raise awareness of your business. With this kind of advertising, you can boost your business and convert more web browsers into customers. […]

Google Ads Creator

Google Ads Creator

Have your Google Ads campaigns created by experts. Get your own Search, Display, Retargeting and Shopping Ads campaigns effortlessly. Attract people right when they are searching for your products on Google.

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