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How to increase sales online

Struggling with low sales even though you’ve already got a pretty nice traffic flow? There are 2 possible reasons: your traffic is not qualified (people coming to your website do not really want to buy your products), and your user experience flow does not convert potential customers into actually buying.

Clever Advertising – eCommerce Premium Features

You’re already part of the Clever ecommerce gang. And we always want more! Clever ecommerce basic plan is awesome for creating and automatically optimizing your campaigns. You had your ads already running easily, and started bringing you traffic fast. But if you want a more personalized advertising strategy, you should definitely give Clever ecommerce Premium a try.

The Best AdWords Retargeting Strategies

Learn the most effective marketing strategies for running successful google retargeting campaigns. Bring your visitors back by applying the latest Google Remarketing tips, so they finish the purchase of the products they showed interest in!

Shopify Apps – Choose the Best Ones!

We understand finding the right application that suits your needs is a difficult and time consuming task. While applications are typically categorized by type, it can still be hard to find what you are looking for.

Team building – the Clever way!

Last winter our Clever Ads team participated in Google’s Shopping Marathon, a competition aimed to “reward partners for adopting Google Shopping campaigns for their existing customers and for recruiting new customers on Google Shopping as well”. Our team excelled in the worldwide competition, scoring second place overall.

Prepare your eCommerce Business for Expansion

Is your Online Retail Store Ready to Grow? – Great Advice Here! Having a small business operation is good in some ways, but you’re probably not in business to settle for limited success — you want to get bigger, better, and more profitable. It isn’t easy, though, and you must be ready. Here are some […]

An Ultimate Guide to Creating a Successful Product Marketing Blog Post

Take your eCommerce marketplace and Blog to the top! Creating a blog for marketing and an eCommerce marketplace for your products is not just about attaching fancy words together and maintaining a constant keyword density. A blog is like making a cup of coffee differently but tasty so that the person would ask for more. […]

We interview Clever ecommerce’s COO

Don’t miss our COO Clever tips! We interview today to our Chief Operating Officer, José María Cabello. Keep reading! Can you explain the role of a COO in a company? José María Cabello: COO is the person in charge in the operations within a company. For Clever Ads this means making sure that the creation and […]

eCommerce Ads by Clever Frequently Asked Questions

eCommerce Ads by Clever FAQs Any doubt? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions! FAQS 1- Do I need a Google Ads account? This is the first frequently asked question which everybody have. The answer is yes, you should have your own account. If you don’t have an account don’t worry, the app can create a […]

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