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5 Reasons why your eCommerce should be on Google Shopping

If you are an online store owner, you should definitely consider including Google Shopping in your marketing strategies. And we have a lot of reasons to believe so. Google Shopping has some significant differences compared to normal text ads of AdWords campaigns. Shopping campaigns utilize pictures to promote your products and show them to those who are searching for them on Google. Let’s try to put all the benefits of using Google Shopping ads in a concise list:

Google Ads agency pricing. Don’t waste your money!

All you need to know about Google Ads agency pricing Are you getting the most out of your Google Ads budget? Do you know the current Google Ads agency prices in 2023? Don’t miss the opportunity to optimize your budget with the following tips. Three years ago, you decided to invest in Google Ads to […]

How dynamic remarketing could save your campaigns

Benefits of dynamic remarketing To start talking about dynamic remarketing, first we must have to know several basic concepts: Do you know what is remarketing? Do you know what dynamic remarketing is? As we will explain below, like almost everything in the world of advertising, there is the option of traditional remarketing, and the “modern” […]

How to advertise on Google: the ultimate guide

If you own an online business, surely you have heard, and many times, in addition, about Google Ads but… Do you know exactly what it is about? Do you have your ads already placed on Google? Google is the most used search engine in the world, imagine having your ads on it… It would be highly beneficial, right? But of course, it is more complicated than all that. Don’t worry, with this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about how to advertise on Google.

5 Questions Before Starting an eCommerce Website

Starting up an e-commerce business is definitely a tricky thing to do. It is a task that you can take up only once you are completely sure that you are prepared for this step, and once you have a bulletproof strategy.

Why Shopify is the best option for your online business

Have you been thinking of launching your own online store? Are you already an online store owner and you would like some extra guidance from experts? In whichever of the above categories you belong, we have the solution for you. Shopify is one of the biggest ecommerce platforms that has everything you need to sell online, on social media, or in person. In this post we will talk about the main benefits the platform is offering to you and your business.

What causes shopping cart abandonment?

The good news about shopping cart abandonment – when a website user leaves a shopping cart without completing their purchase – is that that 63% of abandoned merchandise is potentially recoverable. The bad news is that the abandonment rate is increasing, with current estimates showing that 70% to 80% of all online shopping carts are abandoned, amounting to roughly $4 trillion in lost sales.

How to run a successful eCommerce store?

Not long ago, the consumers wanted to touch and feel the things they were buying. It used to satisfy them. However, much has changed due to the internet and mobile devices becoming part and parcel of our lives. Social media has played an important part in inculcating the habit of online shopping.

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