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How to run a successful eCommerce store?

Not long ago, the consumers wanted to touch and feel the things they were buying. It used to satisfy them. However, much has changed due to the internet and mobile devices becoming part and parcel of our lives. Social media has played an important part in inculcating the habit of online shopping.

11 Best practices to increase customer engagement

You are constantly bombarded by advertisements and other forms of commercial engagement at almost every point of your online or even offline experience. But what makes you act on a particular form of engagement and acquire the product or service that is being sold? What makes you decide on which forms of engagement to act on and which to ignore?

How to Build a Customer-Centric Online eCommerce Store

Did you know that 96% of U.S. customers have made at least one online purchase, while 80% of them buy online monthly? Given these figures, it’s not surprising that online sales are expected to double in the period between 2016 and 2020. For you as an online retailer, this means lots of competition…

Tricks to improve your SEO

How to improve your ecommerce SEO: tricks and tips! SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Do You know how to improve your SEO for your online business? Here You will find some tricks to boost it to the infinite!

Google Ads for Small Business

Things aren’t the same as they used to be. This is especially noticeable in the ever-changing environment of how business is conducted between merchants and customers. It’s almost become odd for a person to do their shopping primarily in a physical store. Instead, the norm has evolved into ecommerce or online stores

Old fashioned tips for excellent customer service

While the daily commute was a bit more complicated back then, customer service methods couldn’t have been simpler. Good old fashioned kindness and respect was the key to a customer’s heart—and decades later the classic methods still apply! Clever uses modern methods and approach Internet to the customers.

Unlock the power of AI Advertising

Revolutionize your ad strategy with the best online advertising tools by Clever Ads, incorporating cutting-edge AI for marketing success. Elevate your online presence and stay ahead your competitors with our expertise and AI for digital marketing.

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