Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day is Not Just for Amazon Prime

21st and 22nd of june is Prime Day 2021 has finally arrived. Often considered a powerhouse in the world of eCommerce, Amazon Prime Day is the unofficial start to the holiday sales season. These 48 hours will be full of deals, payment in 1-Click, and a whole lot of advertising frenzy. Check our marketing calendar here!

With the release of Amazon Prime in 2005 and then its later success in the American eCommerce market, it seems as though you can’t be a successful online shop without being available via Amazon Prime. However, that’s not true.

Amazon Prime Day ranks among the top eCommerce sale events in the world. Ranking among the most popular days of the year is China’s Single’s Day, which brought in a staggering $38 billion USD in 2019 alone which is more than what Amazon makes in any given two-month period of the year. Yet again, Prime Day brings in more sales per 24-hour period (48-hour event) than Black Friday while Cyber Monday shyly beats the big Amazon day in terms of revenue generated, according to The Drum.

So you have an online store, but you’re not available on Amazon – don’t worry, you’re not out of luck. Even though you might not be able to jump the gun this year when it comes to preparing and getting the bang for your buck out of your Google Ads campaigns, there are still some last-minute options.

Spy on the Competition

Seriously, a little research goes a long way. Look up products on Amazon that are similar to the ones that your business offers and jot down the keywords with the results that show products that are in the same category or resemble your products. Focus on those that show up on the first page of Amazon search results and click on them. You will see the keyword above the product name in quotation marks – this is just part of the secret.

Clever Tip: Always remember that Wikipedia is loaded with keywords and shouldn’t go untouched.

Attention all BigCommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify, and WooCommerce store owners

Once you’ve done your spy work as mentioned above, then download Clever eCommerce for the platform(s) that you’re available on by installing eCommerce Ads by Clever for Google Ads.

Clever eCommerce was born because our founders saw that small and medium sized businesses didn’t have the “ammunition” required to compete with the big guns on the Google Ads network and the stores available on a particular website named after a rainforest.

With the power of your preferred eCommerce platform and the intelligence of Clever eCommerce , you will be able to automatically generate keywords for your business’s products – no need to do the busy work mentioned early; we can do it for you.

Google Remarketing Ads & Search Ads

Our software also features automated Remarketing and Search Ads across the Google network which ultimately allows you to come up as a search result right when customers are looking for products or services that your company offers. You’re found through a series of keywords which are the holy grail when it comes to eCommerce retailers on Amazon Prime also come up under these same keywords.

Remarketing Ads, on the other hand, are ads that appear after a customer has previously visited your eCommerce site.

Amazon Prime Day marks the unofficial start to the holiday rush

Even though Prime Day is these days (June 21-22), why don’t you try competing with retailers available on Amazon this year? We know that small businesses need help and are busier than usual; that’s why we’ve compiled the most vital stats on key dates to end 2021 on a good note with more eCommerce deals – and hopefully, sales.

Prime Day should serve as a keyword cram study session if you feel as though your online shop is underprepared for what seems to be a promising 2021 summer sales season. And remember, you don’t have to be on Amazon to see an increase in eCommerce revenue – you just have to be on top of the Google Ads game.


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