Trending Christmas Gifts 2021

Trending Christmas Gifts – What products will be successful this year?

Christmas is around the corner and even with the pandemic situation that we are experiencing, it is expected that 2021’s Christmas will have a huge increase in online purchases. So this is the perfect moment to give your online store a push in the sales and improve the results of this atypical year. 

Facts to know before doing Christmas ads thinking on the Trending Christmas Gifts

If you are planning to advertise your online store during the Christmas season, you should definitely check the facts that are listed below to take advantage of the expected customer behavior for this season. Let’s check some general data and previsions for 2021’s holiday season:

  • COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has accelerated the increase in online sales tendencies that we have been noticing over the past few years. It is expected that ecommerce will increase their sales by 23% while retail sales will decrease by 12.7%. Countries such as Spain would have the biggest increase compared to other European countries – third compared worldwide.
  • Consumers will be also affected by the current situation. Based on studies, 51% of them will reorganize the way they used to spend their Christmas budget – spending far more on their family than on friends.
  • Consumers will be mainly looking online for their gifts (far more than compared to previous years, followed by other online mediums such as social media, YouTube, blog, etc.
  • 87% of consumers also state that they will use Google as their main search engine to look for Christmas gifts.
  • During 2021, consumers using their mobile phones to buy Christmas gifts will be around 57% compared to 55% from last year’s data.
  • 19% of the total Christmas sales will be done the week before Christmas, 22% of the sales will take place two weeks after Christmas.
  • 60% of consumers don’t know what they will be buying for Christmas yet. This is a good chance for shops to promote their products and be noticed by undecided consumers.

Christmas gifting trends 2021

After reviewing all the facts that explain why this year’s Christmas will be a huge success in terms of ecommerce sales, let’s see which products will be trendy this holiday season:

Christmas trees: 

It will be one of the most sold products without a doubt, who does not want a Christmas tree at home to get that special wonderland feeling? During 2019, almost 30 million Christmas trees were sold. If you are selling Christmas trees, this is your moment to shine! And don’t underestimate the simplicity and mundane presence of a tree!


christmas tree


Christmas decorations:

Christmas decorations will definitely be the most sold products during the Christmas season, just check in the graph below to view the interest and growing popularity for Christmas decorations. You can also consider adding Christmas decorations to your products stock just for this date to get additional sales and use it as a magnet to increase the sales for the rest of your products.


Christmas gifting trends 2020


Gifting cards:

Let’s be honest, if you don’t know what to buy for your loved one for Christmas, a gift card is always a good choice! Just let them buy what they want because no one will know them better than themselves! If you have an online store, you should definitely activate a gift card purchase option.


gift cards for christmas



Personalized mugs

Who doesn’t want to gift their parents with a personalized “Best Dad of the world” mug? These kinds of gifts are going to experience a huge demand this Christmas season, especially those that are Christmas themed. If you are selling mugs, don’t forget to get some PPC campaigns and start selling more!




Did you find this information helpful? Is there any Trending Christmas gifts that you have at the top of your list? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to follow us on our social media for more useful marketing and Google Ads information for your store!


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