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Creating Urgency in Sales

Creating Urgency in Sales – Landing Pages and Ads Optimization Nowadays it is getting more and more complicated to activate conversions fast. People do research and investigate receiving insights from different sources of information before making a decision and a purchase.  As conversion funnels get longer and more complex, how can we push people to […]

Smart Shopping Campaigns

Smart Shopping Campaigns Guide & Best Practices The Christmas period is fast approaching, and if there is something that is clear beyond the fact that we will stuff ourselves with nougat and “polvorones”, it is that it is a period characterized by gifts. This can be a great opportunity for eCommerce to grow and boost […]

Cyber Monday Marketing Keys

Cyber Monday 2021 – Ultimate Marketing Guide Everyone knows about Black Friday, but what about Cyber Monday? It is the newest tradition of online shopping, and it occurs after Black Friday. The particularity of Cyber Monday sales is that it is focused on a specific department – electronics! Computers, phones, tablets, TVs… And even video […]

Smart Display Campaigns Guide

Smart Display Campaigns | Step-by-step Tutorial Display advertising is a great way to reach out to potential customers online. It increases brand awareness and visibility to users who are browsing websites or blogs, and it also retargets past visitors to encourage them to convert. For new advertisers, running display ads can be an overwhelming task. […]

7 Black Friday Marketing Strategies

7 Black Friday Marketing Strategies to Boost your Sales! Designing and planning your seasonal marketing strategy ahead is important. To organize and boost your sales on key dates, especially during the last quarter of the year, which begins with one of the most important dates for retailers: Black Friday. Black Friday 2021 will be the […]

Learn How to Perform a Google Ads Analysis

How to Easily Analyze Your Google Ads Campaigns You’ve finally been able to create your Google Ads campaign, and now all you have to do is wait and see how it does, right? Wrong. In actuality, working with Google Ads is a very dynamic process and involves quite a lot of trial and error. However, […]

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday – Which one is stronger? Why would you just take advantage of Black Friday perks when you can also get profits from Cyber Monday? Both special sales are just around the corner! Although it seems that the Black Friday is taking all the spotlight, Cyber Monday is becoming even more […]

Holiday Marketing Strategies: 10 Google Ads Must Do’s

Top 10 Google Ads Holiday Marketing Strategies Getting your campaigns ready for the holidays requires time, and the earlier you start preparing and optimizing your Google Ads campaigns for the holiday season, the better. Good timing is essential when it comes to managing your Google Ads seasonal marketing campaigns to ensure effective results. Boosting your […]

Black Friday Campaigns – Ad Optimization Guide

Black Friday Campaigns Optimization and Tips Preparing your advertising campaigns and strategies for Black Friday marketing is not an easy task. It would be great to have a crystal ball predicting how you should plan your Black Friday campaigns for success.  While we cannot provide you with that magic, we can provide this Black Friday […]