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Connect Google Ads and Microsoft Teams

Connect Google Ads and Microsoft Teams – Integration in 2 minutes! Learn in this post how yo connect Google Ads and Microsoft Teams in only some steps and less than 5 minutes. Introduction to MS Teams Microsoft Teams is a communication tool for teams meant to facilitate collaboration and improve productivity. MS Teams chat offers […]

Best Ads Manager Apps

Ads Manager Apps: Best Apps for Small Businesses If you own or work for a small business, you’re never really out of office, but the office goes wherever you do. That’s why apps that help you manage and control your business from the phone have increasing importance nowadays. Read about the best ads manager apps […]

Google Ads Promotional Code

Google Ads Promotional Code – FREE Credit for your Campaigns! Start to promote your business with our Google Ads promo. The key to success for running a booming business is customer awareness. Your customers need to know how you are and what you have to offer. These days, most people gather their information from the […]

Halloween Marketing Ideas

3 Halloween Marketing Ideas – Boost your Campaigns! Halloween is coming soon and less than a month away you might want to plan your marketing strategy for such a “terrifying” date. Although the current situation with the virus is truly haunting and not a lot of big celebrations or costume parties can take place, online […]

Slack vs Microsoft Teams

Slack vs Microsoft Teams – Which One is the Best for Your Business? Now that remote working is more present than ever, teams are obliged to adopt the use and contract of collaboration tools that will make remote working successful and easy to maintain. Good and effective communication is the top priority of remote or […]

Google Keyword Planner Alternatives

Google Keyword Planner Alternatives – Boost your SEO! The most basic and golden rule of search engine optimization (SEO, for short) is to know how powerful your keywords can be in fueling and positioning your campaigns on the Google search engine. It’s all fun and games when setting up your first Google Ads campaign but sooner […]

Online Advertising Guide

Online Advertising – All You Need to Know Online advertising might be confusing with many online advertising platforms, campaigns, and ad types, and even targeting capabilities popping up all the time.  In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about online advertising including paid search, display, social media, and native advertising. You’ll […]

Connect Google Ads and Slack

Connect Google Ads and Slack – Integration in 2 minutes! If you work or are interested in digital marketing, you probably use a messaging app at work and know about Google Ads. In this post, we’ll share our experience building apps so you can connect Google Ads with Slack. What’s Slack? If your workplace needs […]

Clever Ads Manager Mobile App

Clever Ads Manager Mobile App – Create, optimize and manage your online advertising campaigns. You can use Clever Ads Manager Mobile App to create, optimize and manage your online advertising campaigns, let’s discover how to do it step by step: Clever Ads Manager Mobile App Features Google Ads Account & Campaigns Creation If you’re new […]

Google Ads Creator

Google Ads Creator

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