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Bing Keyword Planner: How-to Guide

Bing Keyword Planner: Get to the right people on Bing Nowadays, not everyone uses Google as their search engine by default. Discarding the 9 million Bing daily users from your advertising strategy would be a big mistake. That’s why in this post we are going to focus on finding the right keywords through our free […]

How to Sell Books Online – eCommerce Tips

How to Sell Books Online – The Best eCommerce Tips! As you may know, International Book Day is celebrated this month (23rd April). So now is the time to kick off your Seasonal Marketing campaigns for this special date, especially if you sell books! Have you included Book Day in your marketing calendar? Here are […]

Advertising Smart Reports Guide

Advertising Smart Reports – What are they & how to use them Have you heard about Clever Ads Smart Reports? Now it’s official! Smart Reports are our latest product launch and the perfect fit for data-driven marketers! If you’re a Clever Ads addict, this might sound familiar, since it was originally introduced as a feature […]

Google Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max Campaigns –  What are they & what do they do?  Every year, Google brings us news about their advertising platform and this year has not been any different, as they have announced the implementation of a new type of Google Ads campaign, Performance Max Campaigns. Your eCommerce Ads campaigns are essential! The Performance […]

Quality Score for Google Ads – Everything You Need to Know

Quality Score for Google Ads – What is it and how can it be improved? “Quality Score is an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages. Higher quality ads can lead to lower prices and better ad positions. Keywords, landing pages and the relevancy between them is what Google is taken […]

Average eCommerce Conversion Rate Data

Average eCommerce Conversion Rate by Industry When creating an eCommerce website, your first important decision will be to decide what you are selling. There are a lot of factors that can sway you into selling one product or another, such as: having a knowledge of what you want to sell, supply is easy, low risk, […]

Google Algorithm Update for 2022

Google Algorithm Update: Boost your SEO on 2022 Yes, you read that right! A new Google algorithm update is coming to life this year. It actually was going to happen sooner, but Google decided to give us a heads up due to the coronavirus crisis. It’s super important to always be up to date with […]

Software for Marketing Agencies

Software for Marketing Agencies – Recommendations for 2022 Thousands of advertising accounts, many businesses, eCommerce sites, too many advertising channels, metrics, analytics…uf, life in a marketing agency can be exhausting and chaotic. Hundreds of different campaigns, A/B testing, measuring results, how can you keep track of everything without losing your head? Organizational skills are top […]

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